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TikTok's Viral DIY Kitchen Towel Trend Has The Property Brothers' Stamp Of Approval

DIY has always been popular with home renovation and interior design specialists, which is why it's no wonder a trending tea towel DIY has caught the attention of the Property Brothers. This dynamic duo are go-to's for advice on furnishing your home, so it's no wonder they are all about this fun craft that enhances your kitchen. Decorating your own towels with summer's favorite citrus fruits and an array of vegetables has become all the rage, and all you need are a few items from your local produce section and some fabric-friendly paint! Bright, zesty, and, most importantly, good for any budget, these homemade tea towels will liven up your home and celebrate the warm season in style.

In a recent Instagram post, celebrity Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan showed off towels being printed with stamps made from cut vegetables covered in paint, creating a crisp, food-centered design that captures both the elements of your kitchen and the flavors of the summer months. The video features veggies like artichokes and onions being slathered in bright colors, then used as an actual stamp to adorn the towel. This trend has been circulating on home decor blogs and social media platforms, with people using everything from lemons and limes to apples for a clever upgrade to plain fabric, but veggie-inspired prints are also making the rounds.

Tea towels, produce, and paint: all you need to create these

In a recent Instagram post, Property Brothers shared a video about this project with the caption: "Fresh off the (veggie) press: your next summer DIY!" To get started, you will need plain tea towels in any color, though most videos show white towels so the vibrant paint can shine through. You can buy a pack of white towels from Amazon for under $20, or check your local home stores for a set. You also want to look for fabric or acrylic paint, as this will work best with your materials. The exciting part, especially if you love the grocery store, is collecting the fresh produce to use as your stamps. You can get creative here, just keep in mind the fruits and vegetables should be firm enough on the inside to leave an imprint on the towels.

Citrus fruits and veggies like artichokes and potatoes are great options, but you can also play around with your selection. Once you get the produce home, slice pieces down the middle, or for veggies like artichokes, you can also cut off the tops and use the entire circle rather than just the profile of the item. If you want to embrace the summer season vibes, stick with bright, zesty colors like orange, light green, yellow, red, and even purple. However, if you prefer to use these year-round, you can also print with seasonal shades or timeless paint colors recommended by Property Brothers.

Tips for the best stamp results

For citrus fruits, squeeze the juice out by pinching, then use a knife to cut more defined lines around the circle before covering the whole piece in paint. Medium pressure should do the trick. You can reuse the same piece for all the stamps you want to create. Depending on how you want the towels to turn out, you can either just cover the bottom in a border print, or stamp all over to cover the towel in more of a pattern.

For non-citrus fruits like pears and apples, apply paint lightly and stamp gently. This will give you a solid shape, which you can either draw or paint around with a thin brush to create a border that gives it a more defined finish.

If you decide to use acrylic paint, make sure to iron tea towels after it dries. This ensures that the paint stays and adheres to the fabric, so if you can wash and dry the towels first, then add your stamps, followed by an iron which can be set to medium heat. Make sure to heat all the prints to keep them in place. Fabric paint just needs to dry, then you can hang your DIY towels on display to show off your summer-centric designs! Save lemon rinds to use as a pest deterrent — just another way to use citrus around the house!