Use A Few Dollar Tree Items To Add Sparkling Decor To Any Room In Your Home

Haven't we all been there, wondering how to spruce up our living space into something swoon-worthy without denting our finances? The good news is that decorating your home on a budget doesn't mean skimping on style. In fact, with a knack for sniffing out bargains, you can mix and match low-cost treasures into a stunning display that's anything but ordinary or cookie-cutter. Now, what if you could whip up a sparkling wall decor that adds instant flair to any room using a few steals from Dollar Tree (think plastic charger tray, fine glitter, and foam boards)? The game plan? Slather those trays with craft adhesive, go to town with the glitter, and thoughtfully piece the shimmering beauties together on two foam boards. 

And guess what? Even a total beginner can nail this project. As for the supplies, most are available at Dollar Tree for cheap. Start with nine 14 x 6.5-inch Gold Rectangular Plastic Charger Trays, all for just about $12. Then, toss in a few bottles of Crafter's Square Ultra Fine Glitter, a 2-ounce bottle of Mod Podge Gloss Craft Adhesive for a sturdy finish, Tool Bench Hardware Assorted Foam Paint Brushes, and two foam boards, each for $1.25. To bring it all together, wood glue (about $4) and a foam board ($1) will be your best friends. Seal the deal with heavy-duty command strips rated for 10 pounds ($8), and you've got yourself a mesmerizing DIY wall accent for roughly $40.

Crafting a sparkling DIY Dollar Tree wall decor

Kick off this DIY decor idea for upgrading your home on a budget by giving a charger tray a nice coating of Mod Podge using a foam brush or small brush. The key here is to tackle one tray at a time, making sure you're not skipping any spots on the base, so the Mod Podge won't dry on you. Now, time for the fun part: the glitter! If these gems aren't your thing, crushed glass can equally dazzle. Or, you could combine both. 

Spread a uniform layer of glitter across the tray — stacking more on top might just lead to a mini mess. Let the setup dry for 30 minutes, after which you give the tray a gentle shake over a trash bin or plastic bag to let any loose glitter fall away. But if you want to keep all those rebellious gems in place, a top coat of Mod Podge or a layer of spray adhesive will suffice.

Next up, stick two foam boards end to end atop another board using your wood glue (think Gorilla, going for about $4 at Walmart). Then, slather the wood glue on the bottom of the glitter-laced trays, which you now lay out on the foam boards in your desired pattern. Give the glue ample time to set, then trim away any foam board hanging over the edge. Finally, hang your new piece of custom decor in a spot that could use some sparkle.