Try These Stunning And Elegant Flooring Ideas For A Mediterranean-Inspired Look

If you're looking for an interior decor style that merges earthy simplicity and warmth with eclectic yet timeless old-world touches, look no further than Mediterranean-inspired design. Inspired by the homes found throughout the Mediterranean region of Europe, this elegant style takes cues from varied countries, including southern France, Spain, and Italy, as well as Greece, Malta, and Morocco. Evocative of coastal seashores, sun-drenched summers, and long evenings spent in indoor-outdoor spaces enjoying al-fresco seasonal fare, it's no wonder that designers enjoy finding inspiration from this region and the architectural and interior design styles that encapsulate the beauty of its cultures.

There are many elements you can draw on to make a Mediterranean-style home, some architectural and some decorative. But, perhaps one of the most impactful ways to give your home this coastal European feel is to incorporate elegant, timeless Mediterranean-inspired flooring through natural stone or hardwood flooring. There's no better time to add some Mediterranean flair to your home, as experts in interior design are predicting that homeowner's love affair with minimalist decor is over in favor of more warmth, personality, and eclecticism. As such, styles inspired by the Mediterranean are on the rise, focusing on natural materials, rustic features, and warm tones.  Also trending are tile styles popular in Mediterranean homes, such as red quarry squares, earthy patterned palettes, slate stone tiles, deep greens, and terra-cotta hues. 

Timeless and on-trend Mediterranean-inspired flooring options

Mediterranean-inspired flooring throughout the home is a great way to evoke the style's natural, airy elegance and emulate the joy of indoor-outdoor living, no matter the climate. Although this interior design style makes use of myriad surfaces, flooring styles, and textures, the two best flooring options inspired by this gorgeous region are hardwood floors and natural stone. Flooring retailer Mannington shares, via their blog, that "Natural stone visuals and hardwood flooring are a constant throughout Mediterranean design," adding, "Choosing neutral tones throughout will keep the look cohesive and let textured decor and accents pop." There are also many options to choose from with both natural stone flooring and hardwood floors. 

Across the Mediterranean, ancient Greeks and Turks have used natural stone flooring for thousands of years, utilizing pebble mosaic floors, natural stone-look tile, and marble flooring. In France and Greece, where olive, oak, cherry, and beech wood were plentiful, these materials became a staple of elegant and sophisticated interior design. Thankfully, both natural stone and hardwood are versatile enough to blend well with other interior design styles for a truly timeless appeal. Also, typically considered more upscale, durable, and eco-friendly than vinyl plank or laminate, both flooring options are popular with buyers and can help increase your home's resale value when you're ready to sell your home. Eclectic tiles are also commonly used in Mediterranean homes and could be an option to consider, but this route offers less versatility than its wood and stone counterparts.

How to select the right style flooring style

If you're ready to help your home feel like a Mediterranean paradise with some elegant and timeless old-world style flooring, you should consider a few things. Natural stone tile flooring is extremely durable and long-lasting, and the ideal choice for indoor-outdoor living and creating continuity and flow between a living room and patio or outdoor kitchen. This material likely works best for warmer climes, as natural stone runs cool and has been used for temperature control during warm weather months, but can be uncomfortable for chilly winters. Also, you may want to consider whether this is a safe option throughout, as wet stone can be a major sliding hazard, and falls are more dangerous on the stone's hard surface. There's also the cost consideration, with lower-end natural stone tiles like granite and slate only averaging between $2 and $4 per square foot, but quartz ranging upward of $40+ per square foot.

Hardwood flooring is also durable and has the benefit of being less slippery and dangerous for falls. But hardwood floors aren't suitable for outdoor living as they're porous and prone to water damage and require a bit more attention to maintenance. This option averages between $3 and $7 per square foot, with additional installation costs. To steal the Mediterranean look for less, you can emulate the look with vinyl plank or laminate, but you'll want to be mindful that these materials won't garner the same resale value as investing in the real deal.