Here's How Ice Can Help Remove Wrinkles From Your Clothes

If you hate ironing (who doesn't?), then you're going to love this quick-and-easy ice cube hack. All you need is an item of wrinkled clothing, a dryer, and a handful of ice cubes. Once you've grabbed the item you want to "iron," toss three to four ice cubes in the dryer (along with the wrinkled article of clothing), close the dryer door, and set it to high heat (via Lifehacker). Let the dryer run for 10 to 15 minutes and presto! You've got yourself a wrinkle-free ensemble.

Putting ice cubes in the dryer may seem counterintuitive, but when ice and heat combine it creates steam — transforming your dryer into a tiny steamer. "The ice cube creates a steam within the dryer that helps remove the wrinkles from the clothing," Susan Harris, the owner of Rooted Mama Health, tells Reader's Digest. "This works best if you are only attempting to remove wrinkles from one or two pieces of clothing," she adds. "If the dryer is too full, then it won't work very well."

Here's another way to iron your clothes without an iron

There are other ways to rid your clothes of wrinkles sans iron. If you're traveling, try hanging your wrinkled item in the bathroom while you shower (via Real Simple). This way, your outfit will be wrinkle-free and ready to go by the time you dry off. You can also use a flat iron to de-wrinkle your clothing — just make sure it's dry and free of product residue before turning up the heat (via Glamour). To ensure the plates are clean, wipe them down with rubbing alcohol beforehand. If you're smoothing out delicates, use a low-temperature setting (via Self).

Don't have a flat iron? No problem. You can use your hair dryer as a makeshift steamer (via Instructables Living). Just hang the wrinkled item on a hanger, wet the area you're trying to smooth out, and then dry the focus areas (via Real Simple). Pro tip: Keep the hair dryer a safe distance from your clothing to prevent burning the fabric.