Interior Paint Color Trends You Should Know About In 2021

Are you trying to revamp the inside of your home with a fresh new paint job for 2021? For the past year, thanks to quarantine, many of us have been cooped up in our humble abodes for a lot longer than usual. Homes have now turned into not just where you sleep and relax, but also work places, gyms, classrooms, happy hours, and more. Therefore, a lot of home owners are in the process of giving their space a much needed glow up. And one of the easiest ways to spruce up a room is by layering on a fresh coat of trendy-colored paint.

So for those looking for new wall colors — whether it be for your at-home office or living room space — we've got you covered. From rich jewel tones to earthy, nature-inspired hues, we've rounded up the top interior paint color trends for 2021. Keep reading to find out not just what they are, but what décor style these colors best suit an interior home aesthetic. After all, a home should be your sanctuary, not just a place to reside. 

Rich jewel tones will help those wanting to transform their home in the new year

Rich and moody jewel tones — such as sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green — are going to everywhere when it comes to trendy 2021 interior paint colors. These saturated colors, which were huge for weddings in 2018, are now making their way into the interiors of homes because they add a unique vibrancy to any type of space. According to Clever, "when applied to everything from paint to upholstery, jewel tones can transform any room into a sumptuous refuge or a light-filled bijou box depending on the shade." 

Afraid that these colors may be too moody for your personal style? A rich gemstone color can be applied to just an accent wall and still easily evoke a totally new feel to a room. A jewel-toned accent wall is also a quick project for those wanting to give a room an instant face lift. For those bold enough for these types of paint colors, you could even skip on hiring a painter and paint the accent wall yourself. Hello future quarantine project!

Grounding or restful neutral colors will be big for 2021

Since your home should be a sanctuary, one of the easiest ways to create a laid-back, relaxed feel is with the help of neutral paint colors — especially if you feel like bolder jewel tones may be a bit too loud for your personal home aesthetic. According to Good House Keepinginterior designer Holly Waterfield of The Jackson Home Company thinks neutral colors will be big for 2021. She says, "It's been such a jarring year, so people are seeking restful and grounding colors, such as olive greens, burgundies or a 'muddy' color. Farrow & Ball does a great job offering colors that feel neutral. If whites must be used, I recommend Simply White by Benjamin Moore because it's a little warmer – instead of a blue overtone, there's a yellow/pink." She also adds, "I prefer a monochromatic approach, painting an entire room the same color, including the molding and ceiling."

Get cozy with an earthy-colored wall paint for 2021

Since 2020 was a stressful year for pretty much everyone, a lot of interior designers are leaning into cozy and comforting wall colors for 2021. Sherwin Willams' Sue Wadden told Good House Keeping that their "Color of the Year" for 2021 is their "rooted in nature" Urbane Bronze SW 7048. She explains that the nature-inspired hue "creates a sense of calm by conveying safety and security." She added, "I recommend painting it on all four walls for a cozy, cocoon feeling." 

Another designer, Erika Woelfe of Behr also says comforting earthy colors will be trending this year: "In 2021, warm and engaging earthy tones will continue to thrive as DIYers look to elevate their comfort zones with inviting and natural hues." She gave a few recommendations, too. She says, "[e]xamples include the rejuvenating green Jojoba (N390-3), adaptable Smoky White (BWC-13) and energizing Saffron Strands PPU6-02 from the new BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette."

Don't be afraid to try something in a darker hue

Darker paint colors will become popular in 2021, according to Good House Keeping. The outlet spoke to interior designer, Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors, who says "more people will embrace deeper, darker hues" for 2021. Adding, "[o]ftentimes people assume that a darker paint color will make a room feel darker or smaller, but more often than not, it has the exact opposite effect." She says that the charcoal-like Cavernous by Dunn Edwards is currently one of her favorites for interior paint colors. "The contrast is amazing with a crisp white, but also has this ability that allows it to pair perfectly with the warmer neutrals that we are using more and more of these days as well." 

Hosts of HGTV's hit Home Town also say dark paint colors will be trending in 2021. Insider sat down with Erin Napier to talk about home décor trends for the new year where she revealed, "[p]eople are less afraid of dark rooms now." Napier went on to explain that she "used black a lot this season" on Home Town and, via Insider, encourages "people to experiment with darker paint hues because they can make other parts of a room stand out."

Aquatic blues will be popular for creating a tropical oasis

Some experts say that tropical aquatic blues will become trendy for 2021 wall colors. They explain that Misty Aqua (PPG1147-3) will be popular for those "looking ahead to cloudless skies and imagining destinations." Since so many people were not able to travel this past year due to the pandemic, they are now turning to tropical-inspired wall colors to create their own paradise. HGTV explains that the "personable pastel" will balance out "the earthier notes of its fellow trending tones with an aquatic elegance." Adding, "[p]aired with cooler whites and grays, it's a serene choice for sitting rooms and even kitchens." 

Along with "Misty Aqua"  Aqua Fiesta (PPG1147-4), will also be popular. HGTV says the "fresh and congenial marine tone is is the Accent Color of the Year." Adding, "this festive hue enlivens neutral spaces and lifts spirits like a glimpse of crystal-clear tropical water after a long spell of being homebound."