How Often Should Indoor Plants Be Watered?

Whether it's a window sill that needs some sprucing or perhaps a corner in your living room that's lacking in ambiance, adding a potted plant can take your home's aesthetic to a whole new level. Indoor plants are relatively easy to  maintain, too. All they really need are three simple things: sunlight, air circulation, and, of course, the right amount of water. While the first two are simple to follow, many people have a hard time keeping up with the third. Without the right amount of water — from too much or too little — your house plant can easily die. With so many different types of species, figuring out the right amount of water to give your indoor house plant can be tricky, too. That's where we come in to offer some help. 

Wondering how often you should water your indoor plants? Keep reading to find out. 

The amount of water for an indoor house plant depends on three different things.

In a 2020 episode of the Joe Gardner Show podcast, gardening expert Joe Lamp'l, sat down with another avid gardener, Robert Pavlis. The two greenery gurus not only discussed the facts behind caring for indoor house plants, but also talked about all the "bad plant advice" that's circulating. In their interview, while debunking the most common myths for indoor plants, Pavils revealed the secret to watering your house plants. Their discussion revolved around the general wisdom that "It's important to keep houseplants watered on a regular basis" — which, according to them, is actually pretty false. 

Pavlis explained that how often someone should water their plants actually depends on a range of variables — like your plants' particular species, for example. Instead of watering your plant on a schedule, said Pavlis, a good way to "gauge [a plant's water needs] is to stick your finger into the soil of the container" of your house plant. He then added that if the soil is moist, you can skip out on watering the plant that day. But if the soil is dry, then water away.

He also talked about three categories to keep in mind for watering indoor plants. The amount of water you'll need depends on the moisture that certain plants prefer. Some plant species prefer their soil to be soaked, some prefer soil a little less dry, and some prefer soil that's completely dry. 

So above all, it's best to do your research and figure out what type of ideal moisture your plant prefers. Then water accordingly — and enjoy the fresh air your houseplant gives you in return.