This Is Why You Actually Don't Need To Wash Bedspreads Every Week

Did you know that, on average, we spend 49 to 63 hours in bed each week? It's true, according to the National Sleep Foundation, which leaves a lot of opportunity for bedding to gather dirt, oil, and germs. That's why the foundation recommends washing sheets — or anything that comes in direct contact with the skin — on a weekly basis or, at a minimum, every two weeks. If you can't manage that, try at least washing your pillowcases weekly to keep lingering grime away from your face.

However, when it comes to cleaning outer layers of bedding like duvet covers, quilts, and bedspreads, it's a whole new ball game. Although your laundry routine will depend on what type of linens you have, if you're a religious bed stripper, you may be washing the whole set more often than needed. So do yourself a favor and read on to potentially save yourself — and your poor washing machine — from doing loads of extra work.

How often should I wash my bedspreads?

Generally speaking, if you have a duvet cover, it should be washed as often as your sheets, or at least once a month, per the National Sleep Foundation, as it can be easily removed, washed, and replaced. However, the actual duvet inside — as well as other items that are used or touched less frequently, like quilts, coverlets, and bedspreads — can go months without a wash.

The foundation recommends laundering that bulky stuff once per season, and Linen Alley says you can even get away with tackling them twice a year, although a stain or lurking pet dander might call for more frequent washing. When you do wash your bedspread and similar items, choose the delicate cycle on the washer and then the hot cycle on the dryer, which will kill lingering dust mites and germs, according to Linen Alley. That being said, always make sure to cross-reference care tag directions to keep your linens clean and fresh for years to come.