The Real Reason You Need A Jade Plant In Your Home Office

For many, working remotely has become the new normal, with thousands of people finding room in their homes to carve out makeshift office spaces. While working from home sounds like a dream, it can be difficult to create an environment in which you can separate your personal and professional lives while working. Temptations, such as a comfy couch next to a TV or a kitchen pantry overflowing with snacks, can easily distract remote employees from the task at hand, resulting in lower productivity.

Clearly, creating a functional home office is key. Yes, a computer and a work surface are a good start, but a few other items, including natural light, ergonomic seating, and a houseplant, can help promote productivity and boost one's mood. And when it comes to plants, there's one in particular that's a popular choice these days, according to a 2021 WFH interior trends report from home decor company Made: the jade plant. Why is it such an office essential? Keep reading to find out.

The jade plant is also called the 'money plant'

The jade plant is one of the most popular houseplants for people trying to spruce up their home office, according to Made's report, which found that this succulent had a yearly search volume of 145,200 in 2020, making it the seventh-highest-ranking plant that people searched for that year. One reason people are attracted to this houseplant, especially when it comes to home office decor, is because it's commonly known as the "money plant," so some believe its presence can help them financially. 

Also, jade plants "are considered to be symbols of good luck," according to Gardening Know How, and they don't require much maintenance: just an ample amount of sunlight, a minimal amount of water, and biannual fertilizing.

So if you're looking for a houseplant to add some greenery, good luck, and possible prosperity to your home office, look no further than the low-maintenance jade plant.