The Best Gardening Trick To Brighten Up Your Office

Ever since the pandemic started, thousands of people have transitioned to working remotely, and the need for a functional home office space has become a major priority. While creating an area to take your daily Zoom calls and answer emails might sound like an easy enough task, in reality, it can be difficult to carve out a niche where you can be productive and have privacy, especially for city dwellers living in confined apartments with little natural light. And that's not to mention the distraction of roommates, spouses, or kids who are also cooped up in your home.

But there are ways to make your work-from-home arrangement better. According to The Spruce, one gardening project has the potential to not only boost your mood while working but can elevate you to new levels of plant parent excellence. And no, we don't mean just buying a new houseplant. We're talking about bringing the outdoors inside in a whole new way.

Add greenery to your office walls

Installing a living wall — which is essentially a wall-mounted frame filled with greenery or a collection of wall-mounted plants in separate containers — can instantly transform your home office space into a place you actually want to spend time in, according to The Spruce

Also known as a green wall or a vertical garden, per Fly Green, a living wall is ideal for small spaces, such as an apartment or a studio, where it can serve as a cheerful focal point without taking up coveted floor space. Along with their good looks, these plant arrangements can help with noise reduction, in case you have a loud roommate or neighbor interrupting your business calls, and enhance air quality, depending on the types of plants used. Plus, if placed on an external wall, a vertical garden can add extra insulation, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer — and ultimately helping to reduce your energy bills.

So whether you're hoping to achieve all these practical benefits or just want to brighten up your home office, consider creating a living wall to keep you company during your 9-to-5.