YouTubers That Have Absolutely Gorgeous Mansions

Gone are the days of YouTube merely being the home of cat videos. With the social media platform ranking as the second-most popular site on the internet as of 2021 (according to Ahrefs), YouTube is big business these days. That's good news for the top content creators on the platform, boasting followers in the tens of millions. Those views translate to lucrative brand deals and ad dollars, with YouTubers such as Jeffree Star and Mr. Beast earning about $15 million and $24 million, respectively, between 2019 and 2020 (per Forbes).

With the huge sums that top YouTubers command, it's little wonder that a large proportion of their paychecks goes to real estate. Many of the internet famous purchase stunning multimillion-dollar mansions, which they often gleefully share with their fans through video tours. We wanted to take a deep dive into some of the most astonishing homes owned by YouTubers today, so we've rounded up 14 of the most jaw-dropping properties. Join us as we take a tour.

Logan Paul's home features a stunning backyard

Logan Paul is known for his high-octane videos and frequent pranks, so we're guessing that his sprawling property in Encino, California, gives him some much-needed downtime. Purchased in 2017 at $6.55 million (per Los Angeles Times), Paul's 8,700-square-foot pad boasts seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Nicknamed the "Maverick House" by Paul and his entourage, there's more than enough space to film his videos, as he was keen to show his viewers on a video tour of his home in 2017.

With two gates for security purposes, the home boasts a marble-covered kitchen, a bar, and a spacious dining room with a unique light fixture that leads to an entire wall for wine storage — just for good measure. However, perhaps the most notable feature of the home is outside. "The magic of this house lies in the backyard," Paul says. "It's beautiful, bro." With a huge swimming pool and hot tub surrounded by lush greenery, we'd have to agree.

Jeffree Star's mansion is all about the opulence

Anyone who knows Jeffree Star knows he's a fan of bold looks, so it's little surprise that the beauty influencer's mansion in Hidden Hills, California, purchased for a cool $14.6 million (according to Insider), is nothing short of a visual feast. However, despite Star's penchant for bold color in his former home, wardrobe, and makeup line, the 25,000-square-foot house embraces subdued elegance.

In a 2020 video tour of his home, Star talks about the muted tones he plans to incorporate throughout the estate with future renovations. "We're not going to do a Barbie house," he says. "I'm just feeling a whole different vibe of, like, opulence and, like, black velvet and gold and white and, like, woodsy." Beyond the cavernous entrance hall with its double staircase is an enormous kitchen equipped with not one but two fridges. Other highlights include a 16-car garage, a spa, a theater, a gym, an arcade, and an empty barn he plans on converting into a "beauty barn." 

Plus, Jeffree Star, who has a stunning net worth, recently purchased a second home, a 70-acre ranch in Wyoming (per Hello Magazine).

There's one distinctive feature in Tana Mongeau's house

Considered the enfant terrible of YouTube, Tana Mongeau's former home (she has since moved but hasn't gone public about her new digs) was as vibrant as you'd expect. It's also pretty huge: The Sherman Oaks, California, abode sprawls over 6,000 square feet, boasting six bedrooms, six-and-a-half baths, and an Olympic-size pool, according to a 2019 video tour.

Inside, Mongeau's wild personality was echoed in the decor, with bold artwork and oversized furniture serving as focal points against a fairly neutral backdrop. And the YouTube star made plenty of room for her clothes and accessories. Alongside the walk-in closet in the master bedroom, the living area featured a sneaker wall to display all her favorite kicks. Hopefully, before she moved out, she had a chance to take a dip in the pool. As she says in the tour: "Fun fact: I've lived here for four months, and I've never swam in it."

James Charles' home is a vision in black and white

Hi sisters! Let's take a look at the home of beauty wunderkind James Charles. The 21-year-old's career skyrocketed over the course of a few years, culminating in his purchase of a $7 million "starter home" in Los Angeles (per Variety). And while most of us have to settle for a couple rooms in our first pad, Charles has almost 10,000 square feet of space, including 10 bathrooms and six bedrooms. Not a bad start!

As seen via a 2020 video tour, the modern farmhouse aesthetic embraces a palette of black and white as well as light woods. Other highlights include a floor-to-ceiling fireplace in the living room and a wine cellar filled with Coca-Cola (Charles is sober). The true showstopper, though, is the eye-catching kitchen, featuring double islands, plenty of counter space, a breakfast nook, and views of the backyard. "When I walked into this house and saw the kitchen, it was almost like a guarantee that I needed to buy this house because the kitchen really is the heart of the home," Charles says.

Jaclyn Hill's Tampa home keeps it creative

Unlike a lot of YouTubers, beauty guru Jaclyn Hill doesn't have her home base in LA. She resides on the opposite coast, in Tampa, Florida, per Life & Style. After buying her $2 million home, Hill wasted no time in renovating it to her standards, and in a 2020 video tour, you can see where her decor preferences lie.

The home is pure glamour — which is totally on-brand for a makeup mogul — full of glitzy touches, graphic art, modern accents, and a black-and-white color scheme. While some rooms are more subdued, others are brimming with bold patterns and color, like her lounge. A graphic black-and-white floor grounds the space, while bold modern art and a red lip-shaped sofa add personality. Her office is also a lively space, adorned with bright pictures that spark her creativity, she says. "I wanted to make it really really fun and like vibey, and creative, and colorful, and different from the rest of my house."

Jordan Maron is perched on the Sunset Strip

Minecraft king Jordan Maron, aka CaptainSparklez, may not have the largest home here, coming in at 4,100 square feet and comprising three bedrooms and five bathrooms (via Variety). But it's all about location, location, location. Perched high above the iconic Sunset Strip in LA, the $4.6 million home features walls of glass, several balconies, and an infinity pool — all offering show-stopping views of downtown and the ocean in the distance.

Moran provided a tour of the three-story home, featuring sleek black-and-white interiors, in a 2016 video tour. He's quick to point out that despite the kitchen being on a different floor than his usual hang-out space, there's no need to ascend to grab a drink. The home contains two refrigerators: one upstairs and one downstairs. As Maron jokes, "This is a good selling point!" He listed the home for sale in 2020, but judging by a video posted at the end of that year, he was living in the property.

There's a historic vibe to Gabbie Hanna's home

Gabbie Hanna's elegant home is in the desirable Studio City area of LA (per Dirt), and it drips with historic charm. Comprising over 3,100 square feet, five bedrooms and five bathrooms, the Cape Cod-style home feels almost like it's from another era, with hardwood floors, wainscoting, and crown molding throughout. Which makes sense, since the home was built in the 1940s and recently renovated, according to the YouTuber and singer's 2019 empty house tour.

The light and airy home maintains its historic feel while offering modern amenities, including a wine cellar, a sleek master bathroom with a freestanding soaking tub, and a chef's kitchen with marble countertops and a dual range. What's particularly touching is how much the purchase means to Hanna, who spent $2.2 million on the property. "Being able to enjoy my money and treat myself and enjoy what I worked for has been, like, a big struggle," she says. "This is a big deal for me — the fact that I finally felt worthy."

Jojo Siwa's house is larger than life, just like her

Located in Tarzana, California, and purchased for $3.4 million (per CNBC), JoJo Siwa's home reflects her bright and cheerful personality. The teen YouTuber's property sprawls over 6,111 square feet, with two living spaces, six bedrooms, and five full bathrooms. What's most notable about it, though, is how tailor-made it feels to the former Dance Moms star. 

In a 2019 video tour, Siwa leads viewers through the cavernous, marble-floored entrance hall, filled with costumes from previous performances. The property features pink and turquoise (conveniently coordinating with her outfit in the video), including several accent walls, a pool table, and patio furniture on her pool deck. Food is also a major theme, including a candy bar full of Siwa's favorite treats and a "7-Eleven" area. "We have our popcorn maker, our pizza rotator, our nacho chips, our nacho cheese, and our slushy maker," she says. 

Then, she reveals the home's crowning glory: the merch room, which is full of her branded products. "There's like every product under the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the galaxy, and the whole Milky Way," Siwa exclaims.

Shane Dawson's property has a European feel

Although a lot of YouTubers opt for glitz and glam in their homes, OG YouTuber Shane Dawson has settled on a property with a distinctly European feel. Bought for almost $3 million, the lushly landscaped 2.85-acre ranch, just outside of Calabasas, California, features a charming Spanish-style home with a central courtyard and rustic flooring throughout, a sizeable pool, and a separate structure that's been converted into a gym and a podcast studio (per Dirt). Dawson and his fiance, Ryland Adams, often scoot around the property on their golf cart, with their two dogs in tow. 

Thanks to the home's six bedrooms and four bathrooms, the couple often hosts family members and collaborators for extended stays. The master bedroom itself is truly a sight to behold. A 2018 video tour on Adams' channel shows the sprawling space, with its fireplace, custom walk-in closet, and sleek bathroom with soaking tub and dual vanities.

Bretman Rock favors one feature in his Hawaii home

Beauty influencer Bretman Rock was born in the Phillippines and raised in Hawaii, and he recently made his home in Honolulu. In a 2018 empty house tour, he showed off his new 3,539-square-foot home, comprising five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. However, it appears that Rock has since moved on, as the property sold for $1.5 million in 2020.

Thanks to its sparkling white interiors, the home is as bright and sunny as the island of Hawaii itself. Upon entering the foyer, the white marble floors reflect the winding staircase leading to the second floor, and the monochromatic decor continues throughout. In the video, Rock shows off his two-car garage, the extensive balcony adjacent to his bedroom, and the master bathroom with an enormous tub and walk-in shower. 

But he seems to be most thrilled about the all-white kitchen, featuring a large center island with a chic waterfall edge as well as one small but significant feature: a hot water faucet. "It's honestly why I bought the house," he says.

The kitchen in Rosanna Pansino's home is cutting-edge

Food YouTuber Rosanna Pansino has leveled up her real estate game in 2021. She traded in her 5,800-square-foot Tarzana property, bought in 2016 for $3.8 million, for a 6,000-square-foot, modern-farmhouse-style home in Sherman Oaks, according to Dirt. At around 6,000 square feet, the $6 million home offers five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a swimming pool, a fire pit, and a movie theater.

But as you'd expect from the home of a food guru, it's all about the kitchen. In a 2021 video tour, Pansino reveals her new cooking space, complete with an enormous walk-in pantry, a large French-door refrigerator, and glam gold-toned hardware. Of course, all the appliances are cutting-edge. "These gadgets are high-tech," she says. "I'm not kidding. My fridge closes herself. You tap her, she opens herself, she closes herself." She also notes that her coffee machine works via an app. The future is here!

Loren Gray's first home has a statement staircase

Although she's still in her teens, Loren Gray already has a home all to herself. The YouTube and TikTok star shows off her first home in a 2020 video tour, and it's a stunning sight. The house, which Gray describes as "gray," boasts dark hardwood floors as well as a statement staircase in the center that winds up to the second floor. According to Gray, seeing this staircase sealed the deal. "This is kind of what sold me on the house, 'cause I love this area so much," she says.

The house also contains a massive living room with a fireplace and a kitchen with a black-marble-topped center island, dual ovens, a French door refrigerator, and a gas stove. A petite chandelier sparkles over the island. Plenty of outdoor space wraps around the exterior of the home, featuring a fountain, a pool, a hot tub, and — wait for it — a waterslide. As first homes go, not bad, eh?

The ACE Family combined two mansions into one

Forgive us for a moment as we pick our jaws off the floor for this one. YouTube unit The ACE Family — consisting of married couple Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz and their children, Elle, Alaia, and Steel — has created a home fit for royalty. The ACE Family's $10 million Encino property is actually two homes joined together on two acres to create an enormous mansion with stunning views over LA (per Famous Celebrity Homes).

In a 2019 home tour, Austin and Catherine show off the home in all its glory. With black marble fountains, a gaming room, a grand piano, and all-white decor throughout, it's clear that the home caters to the sensibilities of both adults and children. Perhaps most astonishing of all is the moment when Austin says, "Let me introduce you to Beyoncé herself," and the piano beings to automatically play "Halo" by Beyoncé through voice technology.

Jake Paul is the king of his Calabasas castle

The younger brother of Logan Paul, Jake Paul has more than kept up with his famous sibling, with a net worth of $19 million as of 2021 (per Wealthy Gorilla). And how better to spend that money than on real estate? A 2017 video tour shows every inch of his Calabasas mansion, aka the Team 10 house (named for his squad of fellow YouTubers), and it's obvious that Paul and his buddies have a great time in the 15,045-square-foot abode.

Situated on a three-and-a-half-acre estate where Paul likes to ride his ATV, the interior of the home has a three-story foyer with a grand spiral staircase. The rooms are enormous, and Paul has a positively cavernous bedroom, featuring a floor-to-ceiling wood headboard that matches the floors. Other highlights include a theater, a wet bar, and a gym. It's not all fun and games, though, as Paul has dedicated office space for up to 15 employees. 

As of April 2021, the home was on the market for $7 million (per TMZ).