The Home Decor Trend From The 2000s That Did Not Age Well

Like all trends, home decor and design styles come and go. Only a few things, whether it be classic paint colors or traditional furniture, actually stand the test of time. If your home was built or furnished in the early 2000s, it's highly likely that certain furniture pieces throughout your humble abode are no longer in style. We hate to break it to you.

Wondering what trend from the early 2000s is a major no-no when it comes to modern interior design? We'll give you a hint: If you owned a lot of DVDs in the past and haven't updated your family room in a while, then your home most likely has one of these outdated furniture pieces: a bulky entertainment center.

Keep reading to find out why entertainment centers used to be in almost every living room or den back in the 2000s — and why they are sooo out of style today. 

Massive entertainment centers are so early 2000s

Back in the early aughts, almost every family home featured a den-like area that was geared toward watching movies, sporting events, TV shows, and the like. "We have the '00s to thank for the surge in cozy, dark spaces to watch our favorite flicks," according to HunkerEven though a comfy place to watch TV hardly sounds outdated, you have to remember that electronics have changed drastically since the early 2000s and are still evolving.

With the rise of DVDs in the early to mid-2000s — when streaming services like Netflix weren't available just quite yet — TV-watching areas were designed a bit differently. A bulky entertainment center was the statement piece for this kind of room. They had to be big, too, because watching movies required having a DVD player and sometimes even a sound system. Plus, you needed storage for your impressive DVD collection, right? And that's not to mention video game systems and game storage as well.

"Today, if you still have a built-in entertainment center — particularly one that's made of unpainted wood — your home looks woefully dated," according to Best Life. If you want to update your setup, we suggest choosing a minimalist media console and a wall-mounted TV. And kick that entertainment center to the curb.