Here's How Often You Should Actually Replace Your Showerhead Filter

When's the last time you changed your showerhead filter? If you're unsure whether your showerhead even has a filter or not, then it's probably safe to assume that your answer to that question is "never." But before you run to your bathroom to check, you should know why your showerhead needs a filter in the first place. 

Showerhead filters ensure that the "bad" stuff" in your water — which, according to the CDC, may include chlorine, metal, bacteria, and harsh sediment — doesn't come into contact with your skin and hair via a built-in filtration system. Showerhead filters are designed to replace your existing showerhead; there are filters available for detachable spray nozzles as well. In-line filters, also known as portable shower filters, are installed in between the showerhead and the water supply line. Each has a set lifespan, regardless of the type, so keep reading to find out how often showerhead filters need to be replaced.

How and when to replace the showerhead filter

Some showerhead filters can last for more than 1,300 showers (via Bob Vila), but what does that mean, really? While many product packages measure the lifespan of a filter with a number of showers, most showerhead filters can last up to six months before they need to be replaced, according to Healthy Kitchen 101. If you don't replace it within that time frame, it'll lose its ability to effectively filter your water.

To replace your existing showerhead filter, remove the showerhead or shower mount from the filter, and then remove the filter from the shower arm or water outlet (via AquaBliss). The filter will most likely have a cartridge inside. Open the filter, remove the old cartridge, and replace it with a new cartridge. (If you notice some gunk or debris inside of the shower filter casing, be sure to clean it out before inserting the new cartridge.) Close the filter, reattach the shower filter onto the shower arm, and run the water for one minute. Reattach the showerhead to the filter and — presto! You're ready to enjoy showers with clean, filtered water once again.