Why You Should Bring Dishwasher Pods To Your Next Hotel Stay

Hotels are notoriously dirty. Even though it seems like housekeeping is around every corner (and knocking on your door when you're trying to sleep), the harsh reality is that keeping up with a building full of guests is tough work, and some things might go untouched for longer than you'd like. Everyone knows the obvious hotel hacks: Don't put your suitcase on the bed, always start by checking under the mattress, and try to ask for extra towels before you leave the front desk. (Why does it seem like there are never enough?)

According to a 2020 survey conducted by UpgradedPoints, these fears are certainly valid. The outlet analyzed the level of germs on different hotel surfaces, concluding that the average hotel doorknob has 918 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Given this information, you may want to skip the whirlpool tub on your next stay. Who knows what's buried deep in the bathtub jets, given the amount of germs on the door handles alone? 

However, before you leave, if you raid underneath your kitchen sink for dishwasher pods or detergent — a surprising fix, but stick with us here — there may be no need to miss out on the whirlpool tub after all.

Save your hotel spa night with dishwasher pods

TikTok user @heyimriz shared this tip for quickly cleaning a hotel whirlpool tub: Drop two Finish dishwasher tablets in a filled tub with the jets on. In the post, the water turns a murky color due to the questionable gunk that emerges. Some users insist that this is exactly why they'd never set foot in a hotel bathtub, but we're willing to look at the tub half full here. Maybe this is why we should all be packing dishwasher pods in our suitcase, right?

Despite making the rounds on TikTok in recent weeks, this hack has been a staple in the travel community. Different TripAdvisor jetsetters shared tricks for cleaning hotel whirlpool tubs in 2015, and many agree that dishwasher detergent is the key. One commenter notes that the suntan lotion builds up over time, and when not thoroughly cleaned, it's the likely culprit for dirty, clogged jets — but dishwasher pods always do the trick when the hotel falls short.

CleanMama suggests using powdered detergent, adding some vinegar to really break things down while the jets are going, and then finishing off the job with an old toothbrush on the jets. But who really wants to clean up after other people on vacation?

The good news is that the dishwasher pods can get the job done on their own. Minimal effort, and then you get to relax in a sparkling clean tub with peace of mind and a glass of wine? Win-win.