The Lemon Hack That Will Stop Your Garbage Disposal From Smelling

A garbage disposal is a necessary tool in the kitchen to, well, get rid of garbage and help keep unpleasant scents at bay. This notable under-the-sink appliance has the essential job of breaking down food in a sink's pipes so that the waste can wash away quickly. What may not be breaking news is that many Americans have a garbage disposal. A Consumer Reports survey of 1,000 people found that a little more than 50% of households have one, with 60% of those surveyed observing that their home had a garbage disposal when they bought the house. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers reported that a home's garbage disposal can generally last up to 11 years, depending on whether the appliance is adequately maintained. It's important to note that certain food items should never make it down the drain, including cooking oils and coffee grounds, which may rid a home of horrid smells, but can bring about clogs (via Horizon Services). 

While the salt and ice hack is an excellent way to break up smelly food particles that can get lodged in a sink drain, there's an even better technique that you can use, in our humble opinion. So, to find out, be sure to keep reading to see just how to get a fresh and clean citrusy smell in your kitchen with this easy cleaning hack that will surely stop your garbage disposal from producing an awful smell from leftover food and waste.

This lemon hack breaks up food to keep your home smelling fresh

It turns out that lemon and your garbage disposal are an ideal pairing, according to Hunker. Apparently, the lemon rind and fruit itself are suitable and safe cleaning components for this appliance. It's two-fold — this natural concoction can eradicate food particles and make your home smell fresh with its citrusy scent. First, Taste of Home advised to grab some lemons (or another fruit in the citrus family, for that matter). Then, they recommend chopping up the lemons and placing them in your drain, allowing them to sit for five to 10 seconds. Next, the outlet suggested turning on a stream of cold water, and voila, the problem is solved! But how? Taste of Home noted that the lemon's acid assists with decomposing any muck, leaving your kitchen with a very pleasant aroma.

However, if this hack doesn't do the trick and your garbage disposal produces a smell that's, well, more persistent, it may be time to call in the pros to inspect. Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling explained that the appliance may need to be disassembled by a plumber to find the issue — especially if cleaning it didn't eliminate the awful scent. Additionally, the company explained that you may not want to use chemicals in your drain. But, as we can attest, using just the right safe products are imperative to protecting your pipes, so this natural cleaning hack may be just what you need.