Why Painting Your Home Office White May Be A Huge Mistake

When it comes to painting your home office walls, white might seem like a safe and neutral color. It goes with everything and it is bright, which makes rooms feel a little more open and spacious. While all those things are true, however, that does not mean white is the best choice for your office.

According to researcher Nancy Kwallek, the sterile atmosphere white promotes does little to help inspire creativity. "White doesn't help us be productive, and most work environments are white, off-white, or gray" she told Fast Company. Courtney Keene, director of operations at MyRoofingPal, agrees, adding that white is not the best color when it comes to inspiring creativity because it can "lead to eye strain and fatigue," as she explained to Best Life.

Not only that, but white doesn't seem to do much for your mood. In an interview with Real Homes, psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers cited a University of Texas study which concluded that offices without any touches of color, "especially those in neutral white, gray and beige tended to induce some sad and depressive feelings, especially for those identifying as female."

Choose colors that fit your profession as well as your needs

If white isn't the best color for your home office, then what is? Part of that depends on the type of mood you want to evoke in your office. That being said, you also want a room where you will feel calm, energized, and possibly inspired.

For a high-stress job, a soothing color might be your best bet. To create a calm mood in your office, you might want to go with a blue or green color. Blue has a comforting effect and green reduces anxiety and stress, interior designer Beth Kooby told Southern Living. If you're looking for a color that encourages creativity, you could go with a shade of yellow because it increases positivity and mental activity.

If you're looking for a lively color that will also give your mood a boost, red is an option. While a room with all of the walls painted red would be a bit too much, Kooby said that a red accent wall may be just what you need for a pop of positivity. Likewise, a brown accent wall can add a touch of serenity to a room, helping you to focus.