This Clever TikTok Hack Will Make Cleaning Your Burnt Pans A Lot Easier

There are a few daily cleaning tasks that are no fun: scrubbing the toilet, cleaning or unclogging the sink drain (especially when there's wet, soppy food to remove in the kitchen's drain or hair and other debris in the bathroom's sink!), and sweeping the floors to get them free of pet hair and other dirt brought into your home, via Molly Maid. To that end, making your pots and pans shine like new might seem like a task to keep on the back burner (see what we did there?), but we must admit, it's really something to cook with like-new pots and pans, per Prevention. This hack will keep you out of Target, thank you very much. If you're anything like us, we just saved you around $200 from a trip to the store buying all of those seemingly unnecessary purchases, are we right?

Would you like to learn how to clean your burnt pans without all of the hard work so you can really work smarter and not harder? Then read on for this not-to-be-missed cleaning hack!

Do this hack for sparkling pans

TikTok user My Nguyen of @myhealthydish ― who has over 3 million followers, might we add ― has the perfect solution to clean your burnt-to-a-crisp pans, making them shine like new. She starts out by saying, "This is my disgusting stainless steel pan. And my extensive search on YouTube said baking soda and boiling hot water would remove those stubborn stains." 

Place your pan into the boiling hot water that's mixed with baking soda. Nguyen had hers in the sink and let it soak for 20 minutes. She then scrubbed the pan, which didn't take a ton of effort since the debris quickly came off using the sponge's rougher side. After she was finished, she said, "Looks like 80% of the stains are gone, but I'm going to soak it a second time, but what a big difference."

Nguyen called the process "oddly satisfying to watch," and we couldn't agree more. TikTok followers were also impressed with the easy hack. One user said, "Baking soda is magical, I swear!" Another user noted that oven cleaner would give it that brand new look during the first cleaning. Yet several other users indicated that using Bar Keepers Friend, dish soap, and a nice healthy scrub is another solution for sparkling clean pans during the first round of cleaning, which Eating Well backs up. My Domaine advises on a few options too, including vinegar and baking soda, a dishwater tablet, and even aluminum foil.