This Is The Most Inspiring Episode Of House Hunters

"House Hunters," a top-rated HGTV show that follows people as they make important home-buying decisions, has about 25 million reasons to brag. That, friends, is their monthly viewership, according to Forbes. Well, we definitely get the appeal of this show! It's not a mystery to understand what gets viewers coming back again and again to watch it. "It's happy television," explained Terri Murray, the executive producer of "House Hunters," in an interview with The Washington Post. "It's so safe. It's like an old sweater. You can walk away from it because the storyline is so simple, the structure is so repetitive, that you can come back and already know what's missing."

"House Hunters" made its debut in 1999, and it has been an HGTV staple ever since. But, you may be wondering, what is the absolute best and most inspiring episode of "House Hunters," among all of them? Keep scrolling to find out which one HGTV-obsessed fans think tops all of the rest!

Why this episode served inspiration

The most inspiring episode of "House Hunters" with the most fan votes on Episode Ninja happened to be the first episode of Season 1, titled "Looking for a Larger Home." The show followed Los Angeles-based couple Jayne and Mitchell Englander as they searched for new digs to accommodate their expanding family. Jayne was pregnant with their second child, and they had just under three months before the birth to find a home. So relatable!

Unfortunately, the experience wasn't exactly smooth sailing. In an interview with Vice 20 years later, Mitchell shared, "Going through it at the time was a horrific experience, as we recall." One of the most significant issues was the length of filming. "We probably cut 65 to 70 hours of film for a 22-minute segment, so it was excruciating. I mean, they were so kind, but it was really tough because we were under a lot of stress — and they were under stress because they didn't know what they wanted," Mitchell adds. 

The super inspiring part for fans was likely that the couple didn't bicker, which isn't common on "House Hunters," to say the least. "We're high school sweethearts, so that probably has a lot to do with it," Jayne revealed. "We've been together for 33 years. ... We really are very compatible. A lot of our friends say that we fit like a glove, so if that's how we came across that's how we still are." Talk about goals!