This Six Pack Hack Will Easily Organize Your Fridge

If you find it tricky to keep your kitchen clean, you're certainly not alone. That's why it can be helpful to take advantage of any advice that you come across. For instance, there are a few super-easy ways to clean your dishwasher that you'll likely be interested in, as well as handy tips for keeping your garbage disposal tidy and amazing ideas for how to get rid of nasty smells in your microwave, even though that may have seemed impossible in the past. But what about your fridge?

With so many packages, containers, jars, and bottles, keeping things organized in your fridge can be daunting. "It's really important in a fridge to be able to access things. What happens to most when [storing food is] you have to move one thing out of the way to get to the other things," Gilat Tunit, founder of professional home organization company Project Neat told NBC News. "How many times do you open your fridge and have to pull out the entire fridge just to reach the dressing all the way in the back?"

Noting that the problem has to do with the fact that fridges offer "open shelving and no real direction as to what should go where," Tunit says that all you need to do is find ways to "[establish] an organization system." While you could buy a few ready-made products for that purpose, you could also simply use a simple hack.

A six pack holder can keep more than beer bottles tidy

A hack that involves buying a six pack of your favorite beer? That's definitely a win-win situation! You'll love it even more when you find out how easy and effective this hack is when it comes to keeping your fridge organized — particularly, the inside of your fridge doors. If you took a peek in your fridge right this minute, would you find a mess of bottles in there? You might also know that bottles have a tendency to fall over, making them hard to find and sometimes even making a mess by spilling their contents everywhere.

To avoid this inconvenience, Family Handy Man suggests taking an empty six pack holder and slipping it into one of the shelves on your fridge door. You can then fill it with any kind of condiment from hot sauce bottles to ketchup bottles and more. The holder will keep your bottles upright, in place, and easy to find.

While you might already be running to your fridge to try out this hack, wait! – because it gets even better. Family Handy Man also points out that if you happen to be heading out on a picnic, you can use a six pack holder in the same way to keep your condiment bottles upright and organized. Anyone dining outdoors with you will surely appreciate the fact that the bottles of barbecue sauce and sriracha haven't spilled on all of your tasty al fresco treats.