This TikTok Proves You've Been Hammering In Nails Wrong All Along

We were "today years old" when we realized we had been using hammers and nails wrong. We'll be rethinking our home improvement skills thanks to TikToker @adrian_mountainman_sr, who posted this clever hammer-hack with the caption, "Who Knew?" The simple video shows the TikToker holding a nail with fingers, swinging the hammer, and smashing his thumb on the first attempt. 

On the second try, the poster shows how a nail can fit into a groove situated on top of the hammer for a safer swing. The TikToker swings his hammer and embeds the nail in the wall on the first try. As commenter @DxRz asked, "Why doesn't Thor's hammer have this?" because even an Avenger could use this handy hack. This will definitely make hanging artwork much easier!

Don't feel too down on yourself if you have overlooked this feature on your own hammer. Not all hammers have a groove, so you might have been using one without this handy feature. As experts in the industry know, there are many different kinds of hammers on the market, and these are tools every homeowner should have.

A hidden hammer's helper

Aside from specialty hammers like automotive ones, some home improvement hammers will have a small indent on the hammerhead with a small disk inside the notch. "The small circular insert is a magnet. It's to hold small nails in place on the hammer so you don't hit your thumb," Redditor Cojesa explained in a thread. The magnet helps you hammer in nails that are difficult to hold. 

In addition to magnetic hammers, there are also hammers built with specific grooves and sharp "puller" teeth called Latthammers, according to Core77. This German carpenter's hammer is multi-purpose and can hold even larger nails on the head. Since it also has a magnet, it can even hold nails while tilted upside down. The purpose of this feature is to assist carpenters or home remodeling contractors in jobs that are overhead or in hard-to-reach corners, allowing the entire process to be completed with one hand. So next time you can't hammer a nail the traditional way, try this innovative tip and upgrade your tool.