How Much Does It Cost To Reface Cabinetry?

Have you ever pondered the dilemma of refurbishing your kitchen on a tight budget? This situation presents some difficulties, but also some possibilities for saving money and revamping your kitchen's décor. By refacing your cabinetry specifically, you're freshening up your kitchen's design without breaking the bank — and we have brought you the necessary info for taking this next step.

As shown on Home Depot's website, the average cost to reface cabinetry is $13,500. Keeping in mind that this is only an estimate, the price includes both labor and materials and pertains to 30 linear feet of cabinets, which would fit in a kitchen that measures 200 square feet. Likewise, Home Advisor lists the prices in the $4,000 to $10,000 range with a breakdown of $90 to $455 per linear foot. They also list the national average cost for refacing as $7,150 with the least expensive option costing $1,400 and the priciest at $15,000 depending on the quality of materials that you choose.

Regarding materials for cabinet refacing, most contractors receive requests for various types of wood (according to Better Than New's blog). Other commonly requested materials include rigid thermofoil and medium density fiberboard, both of which are growing in popularity among homeowners due to their wood finish, their durability, and lower cost.

In addition to the type of refacing, you can also consider whether your cabinet doors need to be replaced altogether or if a panel is sufficient. Also, you'll want to select hardware that'll compliment the new look of your kitchen. Plus, you'll be looking at the necessary time span needed to complete the project and how that impacts cost. Nevertheless, you're still paying only half the cost of purchasing and installing brand new cabinets.

Factors for cost

A number of factors come into play when determining the cost to reface cabinetry. Naturally, your location affects the price due to contractor and labor costs (if you're not completing the project yourself) and the types and availability of the materials. Also, the size of your kitchen affects your overall expense as well, per Angi.

Location of your home

The exact location of your home in your community might also impact the price of refacing your cabinets. For instance, according to Bob Vila, if you reside in a rural area or a suburb, you might anticipate paying a lower amount than if you lived in a metropolitan location.

Geographic location

In relation to taxes on materials and labor, the cost for refacing cabinetry differs from one city and its surrounding area to another. For instance, the average price listed on Angi for cabinet refacing in Boise, Idaho ranks at the least expensive at $2,640. On the more expensive end, Los Angeles comes in first at $8,600.

Types of materials

The quality of the material that you prefer for the refacing also affects cost with woods, like cherry, oak, and mahogany, being the most expensive to PVC being the cheapest. As an illustration of the price difference, a quality wood veneer (per Bob Vila) will put a dent in your wallet at $454 per square foot; whereas, PVC comes out to $91.

The kitchen's dimensions

Do you have a tiny galley style kitchen or a sizable open floor plan? The width and length of your kitchen directly impacts the price. The bigger the space you have, the more extensive your storage will be. So, if you look back to the previous estimates and calculate those figures times the square footage of your kitchen, then you get a clear idea of what the project costs.

Additional costs

In addition to the cost of doors, veneer, and labor, you have a few extras to consider.

Knobs and handles

Just like the rest of the materials that you choose, the cost of hardware for your cabinets depends on the type you select. Many of your higher-end copper or bronze finishes, brushed nickel, brass, and stainless steel will cost $20 to $50 per unit, as stated in Home Advisor. Otherwise, if you opt for the basics, then you're only paying $2 to $5 apiece.

Pullout drawers and organizers

If you have drawers that need some work, or you simply wish to add a few along with other organizers to your storage, they would also be included in a contractor's estimate. On the lower end, you're looking at an added expense of $50 to $200 apiece, but if you go beyond the basics, then cost goes up to $150 to $800.


Hinges serve a specific function, but they can add to (or take away from) your cabinets' new look. On average, depending on the design and type of metal, you can expect the additional cost to start at $15 to $50 per set.

Decorative add-ons

You may opt for other items, such as molding, trim, and appliques that further enhance the look of refaced cabinets while driving up the overall cost. Also, you might consider that additional hardware, such as nails or screws along with adhesive tape or glue.

Types of cabinet refacing

You basically have three main categories to choose from when refacing cabinetry. As you ponder your selection, you might consider looking at both durability and compatibility with your kitchen's environment, as noted by Angi.


Starting at $90 per linear foot, the average cost for refacing cabinetry with laminate falls between $1,000 to $3,000. Aside from appealing the thrifty buyer, laminate proves to be durable, and some varieties also stand up to heat exposure. Furthermore, laminate comes a broad array of colors and textures. So, there's no shortage of selections.

Top-shelf veneer

Some styles resemble wood while others come in many different colors and textures. Likewise they also keep moisture out when completely sealed. At $190 per square foot, this option proves to be a bit more expensive with an average of $2,500 to $6,500 total.

Hardwood veneer

If you love the look and durability of real wood as opposed to a laminate, then plywood or any other solid option would be the best. Likewise, this is the costliest choice at $450 a square foot and average of $6,000 to $14,000, probably because it tends to last longer.

Why your cabinets need refacing

Regardless of cost, refacing cabinetry gives you a whole new kitchen at half the price. Moreover, the outer surfaces of your storage will most likely stand the test of time. If you're still on the fence about this remodel project, here are some positive aspects mentioned in The Spruce.

You maintain your kitchen's layout

Subsequently, this advantage also proves to be a money-saver. With keeping the same scheme, you're not concerning yourself with moving light fixtures or re-plumbing gas or water lines. Best yet, you're not having to start from scratch with planning an entirely new layout. 

Increasing your cabinets lifespan

By placing new protective veneers on the boxes, you're improving the durability your cabinets. Even with adding pullout drawers, you're not taking away from the stability of the frame. Furthermore, new doors will last for decades.

Return on investment

Should you ever decide to sell your home, getting your cabinets refaced will pay off since house hunters tend to notice the "small" details in the home's design and condition. In fact, you can expect 65% to 75% of what you paid to come right back to you, as noted by Angi. Thus, refacing the cabinets adds another prominent feature. 

This option benefits the environment

Refacing cabinetry not only saves a lot of money, it also saves a lot of trees and wear-and-tear on the environment. You're keeping the same boxes and using far less chemicals than if you were replacing your cabinets. Furthermore, in some locations, you can take your old hardware to a recycling center.

Benefits of cabinet refacing

Overall, the benefits of refacing cabinets, as outlined in the Let's Face It blog, outweigh the option of purchasing a new set. The advantages include the following.

Less mess and inconvenience

This process takes far less time than redoing the whole kitchen. Additionally, your cooking and prep space aren't taken up by debris or eliminated until the replacements arrive. Also, there's less of a mess to work around.

Possibility of enhancing functionality

Because you're saving money by refacing the cabinets as opposed to a total reno, your budget might allow for some pull outs or organizers to maximize space. So you can get the Lazy Susan for the lower corner cabinet that you always wanted.

Finally, the best perk to refacing cabinetry is the prospect of getting (almost) a whole new kitchen while saving money in the process and adding more value to your home. The kitchen is one of the most important and most utilized rooms in the house. Thus, a well-deserved make-over is in order.