The Dangerous TikTok Laundry Hack You Should Never Attempt

When it comes to laundry day, plenty of hacks make the process easier, which we generally love! We've learned Martha Stewart's hack on using white vinegar in the laundry to make clothes extra soft. We have also noted what we can substitute for laundry detergent, including hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and baking soda, per The Spruce. We also learned we could use a mesh garment bag to prevent losing socks in the rinse cycle, which will nix frustration while folding.

While there are plenty of perfectly safe TikTok hacks that help you keep your laundry crisp and clean, there are some specific laundry hacks you will want to steer clear of. There's something to be said about doing your research, even if you see it posted on a respected website that you deem reputable. Keep reading to find out the dangerous TikTok hack that you should never try because it is entirely unsafe.

Never try this dryer hack as it can start house fires

TikToker @haileeclarke87 shared a video saying she's "lucky to be alive" after trying this dryer hack with negative results. In the dryer hack, you fill a container with fabric softener mixed with water and let your sponges soak. Then instead of using your regular dryer sheets, you use these sponges. But this can have downright dangerous effects. The TikTok user woke up to a house filled with smoke after her dryer caught fire. "The dryer had been smoking, was on fire on the inside through the night. I'm not really sure what happened, but it was absolutely terrifying. We're really lucky to be alive, and I just wanted to spread some awareness that, just be careful of the hacks that you try," the user explained.

What's worse, according to Insider, TikTok wasn't the first place that this dryer hack was shared initially. The outlet states that notable blogs, websites, and a slew of online influencers have also tried out the hack before this incident. We suggest sticking to your regular dryer sheets and always use caution when it comes to your dryer.