Why Painting Your House Brown May Be A Huge Mistake

The color of paint you choose for your home can have lasting effects not only on your mood but your visitors' impressions. When considering popular exterior paint colors, you may want to take a step back and think about a few details before painting your entire home a particular shade. Mosby Building Arts, a home remodeling company in St. Louis, advises considering a few things, such as the colors of other neighborhood homes, materials used on your home, and how the sunlight shines on a home, which can all make the paint look different.

According to The Spruce, you also may want to consider the historical elements of your home so that you can pay tribute to the past and paint your older home accurately. The outlet also advises choosing colors based on the roof's color and sticking with hues in the same color family to better appease the eye. While there is so much to consider before choosing an exterior paint color for your home, keep reading to see why painting your house brown could be a big mistake.

Why you may not want to paint your home brown

Sam Whittaker, the editor at The Golden, tells BestLife that painting your home brown could possibly ward off potential home buyers, but that isn't all. He explains that the hue can also lower property values and evokes an "extremely boring and dull vibe."

Reader's Digest points out that paying attention to your exterior paint color is essential if selling your home is the end goal. The outlet explains that neutrals generally sell faster, and if you want to make architectural details pop, contrasting colors are recommended. "Many homebuyers don't want to spend extra money after closing on a new home, and neutral colors like white, light grey, taupe, beige, or even 'greige' (a grey-beige) that go with just about anything have the greatest overall appeal," Beatrice de Jong, consumer trends expert at Opendoor, told Reader's Digest. So before you pick up the brown paint, you may want to pick something a little more appealing if you plan to resell in the next couple of years!