What Trees To Plant On Your Property According To Your Zodiac Sign

Planting a tree in your backyard can be the perfect way to create a cozy and inviting outdoor living space. Whether you consider yourself a tree hugger or not, trees have the power to increase home value and add structure to your landscape. Having the right tree on your property also provides shade perfect for lounging in on hot days and acts as a shelter against cold winds. Additionally, planting a tree is one of the top things you can do to have a positive effect on the environment, per the Arbor Day Foundation. Trees help keep air clean, save energy, and reduce soil erosion.

However, investing in a tree definitely requires more thought than choosing a houseplant or flowers for your patio. With thousands of varieties to select from, finding the ideal tree is no walk in the park. Trees have a variety of care routines and patterns, and are almost as unique as our personalities. This is why we're turning to astrology and consulting the stars to help narrow down the choices. Here are some suggestions for how to choose the right tree for your property, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries should go for the determined dogwood tree

Ruled by fiery Mars, Aries is the quintessential go-getter. This sign does not back down from a challenge, no matter what obstacles are thrown across their path. This quality makes them perfectly matched with the dogwood tree, which has a reputation for soldiering on in spite of challenges. According to Nature Hills, the Eastern dogwood (Cornus florida) is the perfect combination of hardiness and year-round beauty. In the fall, these trees have colorful red leaves and berries, while in the spring they dazzle with white and pink blossoms, per Garden Design.

To determine if the dogwood is the right tree type for your backyard, keep in mind that they thrive in USDA Hardiness Zones 2 to 9 and grow to heights between 10 and 25 feet tall with a diameter around 6 to 12 inches. Just like ambitious Aries, this deciduous tree grows quickly (about a foot per year) and typically reaches full size after 10 years. It's best to plant them in the spring during Aries season (March 20-April 19), when the soil is fresh and damp.

Taurus finds love and beauty with a littleleaf linden tree

When everything around them seems to be descending into complete and utter chaos, Taurus remains calm. This stable earth sign gravitates toward consistency and comfort, usually preferring to stay at home with a warm mug of hot tea over going out for the night. Taurus loves being in soothing natural environments with beautiful sights, sounds, and aromas, per Allure. Grounded and practical, they also have a reputation for being a bit stubborn. 

Due to their consistent nature, the littleleaf linden tree is an ideal choice for a Taurus. This tree is known for being hardy and able to survive tough conditions, while also providing excellent shade and a lovely smell from the yellow flowers (which are also a favorite with bees). Taurus will love lounging under the dense canopy of heart-shaped leaves, surrounded by a sea of green. The littleleaf linden grows best in Zones 3 to 7 and can tolerate tough conditions, according to the Arbor Day Foundation, like drought and alkaline soil.

Gemini honors themselves with a majestic oak tree

Charismatic and charming Gemini are known for being versatile and able to adapt to a variety of different environments. They are experts at reading a room and can talk enough for two people (no wonder their symbol is The Twins). As an air sign, Geminis have an uncanny ability to understand information and communicate, but often end up stuck in their own heads, per Mind Body Green. In order to help your mind chill out, it's a good idea to reserve time every day to honor yourself with journaling, meditation, or just to breathe. 

Planting a majestic oak tree in the backyard will remind Gemini to take the necessary time to honor themselves. The beautiful oak is associated with many different legends, including Greek mythology, in which it is the sacred tree of Zeus, the king of the gods. The tree also represents honor, truth, and wisdom, all of which are core values of Gemini. Planting an oak in your backyard will provide plenty of shade, as they often grow to impressive heights, and attract plenty of songbirds and deer.

Cancer embraces harmony with a weeping willow tree

Nurturing Cancer has a tendency to take on other people's problems, but often struggles to share their pain with others, as noted by Allure. While this emotional water sign feels everything, they can be a bit of a closed book since they do not want to burden the people around them. Planting a weeping willow tree in your backyard will be a beautiful reminder to find balance, share your emotions, and let go of any suffering or pain you may be carrying. The willow is one of the only trees flexible enough to bend without breaking, which can be a positive influence for stubborn Cancer. These delicate and graceful trees are a symbol of harmony and healing, according to Willow Place for Women. 

Before planting your weeping willow, make sure it has plenty of space, suggests The Spruce. These trees can often grow to be 50 feet tall and need room to stretch out. Avoid putting them too close to septic lines or sewers, since the root systems can be quite extensive. 

Leo can brighten up their yard with palm trees

Ruled by the sun, Leo is no stranger to being the fiery center of attention in any room, according to Allure. These bold leaders are creative, magnetic, and confident. While they can sometimes be a little bit vain, Leo's loving warmth makes up for it. To help encourage the natural optimism and strength of Leo, plant palm trees around your outdoor living space. Just like Leo, there are many sun-loving palm tree varieties out there that can take the heat. And, nothing says island time like palms swaying in your yard.

Since there are over 2,500 palm tree species to choose from (per Happy Sprout), you can probably find a palm that suits your unique climate. If you live in a cold place, it's best to keep your palm potted and inside during winter months, as noted by Florida Palm Trees. Additionally, many palms prefer arid and dry regions, but there are also plenty that thrive in wet climates. The macaw and Alexandra palms need moist soil, while the popular Christmas palm will thrive with a well-drained growing medium (via SF Gate). Whichever type of palm tree you choose, it's sure to add warmth and tropical charm to Leo's property.

Virgo will encourage their gentle side with a quaking aspen tree

Grounded and orderly Virgo loves nothing better than to feel needed. These kind perfectionists thrive on being useful and are skilled at implementing their wisdom to solve problems, according to Allure. As a practical earth sign, they feel good when contributing to their community and larger surroundings. 

The perfect tree for Virgo is the quaking aspen. Known for its vibrant fall foliage and beautiful white bark, this lovely tree is a symbol of love, protection, and heroism, per Sun Signs. Meaning "shield" in Greek, aspen trees were believed to have special powers and are associated with heroes. Amongst the Celts aspen wood was the material of choice for shields, since it was lightweight and easy to carry. While Virgo loves helping others, having an aspen around can remind them to love and protect themselves. Keep in mind that these trees grow quickly and should be planted in moist, slightly acidic soil (via Gardening Know How). They do not like dry climates, drought, or hot soil.

Libra is drawn to the eye-catching sweetbay magnolia tree

Libra is governed by Venus, the planet connected to beauty, love, and money. As a result this sign is happiest when surrounded by exquisite objects and symmetry, and their environments reflect their impeccable taste, per Mind Body Green. For Libra, the devil is in the details and they will strive to make sure the design of their home and outdoor living space is flawless. Therefore, they should seek out a tree with beautiful flowers, like the sweetbay magnolia. 

The stunning sweetbay magnolia tree features creamy white flowers in the spring and summer months with a distinctive sweet, lemon-like aroma (per Piedmont Master Gardeners). The show-stopping blooms are less messy than other types of magnolia tree varieties and make a beautiful addition to any backyard. Sweetbay magnolias are fairly easy to care for and will thrive with sunlight, moist soil, and plenty of water. During colder months, protect the roots with mulch padding. 

Scorpio has a connection to magical hawthorn tree

Dark and mysterious Scorpio is a complex sign to figure out. These complicated folks are passionate and powerful, often choosing to look at life as one giant game of chess. Just like their symbol, the scorpion, they have a venomous sting which they will use to strike down their opponent when least expected, per Mind Body Green. As a water sign, Scorpio draws their magical strength from the world of intuition and emotions.

The sacred hawthorn tree is a worthy companion for Scorpio, due to its mystical nature. It is strongly associated with fairies and enchantments, and can live for over 400 years (via Gardening Know How). While it is a symbol of love, the hawthorn tree's hidden thorns serve as a reminder to be careful and protect ourselves from the dark side of this powerful emotion. Just like the Scorpio's sting, the thorny branches of this tree are designed for protection. Hawthorn is a smaller tree and can be planted almost anywhere, making it the perfect addition to outdoor living spaces. Beginning in October, bright red berries begin to decorate tree branches.

Sagittarius will fall in love with the colorful Japanese maple tree

Sagittarius like to look at the world as their oyster, jumping from one destination to the next in their never-ending pursuit of adventure. These fiery Archers love philosophy, the unknown, freedom, knowledge, and self-improvement, according to Allure. They are often the friendliest person in the room and have plenty of stories to share about their travels. While sometimes they can put their foot in their mouth, they are known for their warm hearts and sunny dispositions. 

The perfect tree for a Sagittarius is the iconic Japanese maple. This legendary tree is incredibly serene, versatile, and beloved for its bright fall foliage. Small flowers bloom in spring and are eventually followed by samara fruit, which are covered in papery tissue shaped like wings. As these leaves fall, they spin in the air and travel great distances to carry the seeds to new places. According to Garden Design, most Japanese Maples grow well in USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 8 with full to partial sunlight and soil that is thoroughly drained. 

Capricorn needs a tough and tolerant tree like a birch tree

Disciplined Capricorn likes to work hard and will stop at nothing to finish their entire to-do list, as noted by Allure. While they love accomplishments and success, they sometimes use achievement to cover up feelings of inferiority. This hard-working earth sign often forgets to slow down and smell the roses, which is why birch trees are a great addition to their backyard. A symbol of hope, rebirth, and new beginnings, birch is a sacred tree in Celtic mythology that can help Capricorn relax and feel hopeful, even in the face of adversity. According to Trees for Life, birch was important in Celtic mythology as a symbol of purification and renewal. During the Samhain celebration, people would use birch twigs to chase away old spirits and welcome in the new. Today, gardeners still use brooms made from birch wood to cleanse their gardens. 

To plant birch on your property, choose a spot with ample sunlight and moist soil away from water lines, suggests Do It Yourself. Birch roots are fairly shallow and wide, so it's best to plant in looser soil. Ensure the birch tree gets plenty of water and prune away any dead branches.

Aquarius will feel connected to the mystical green ash tree

Aquarius is a free-thinker who unapologetically marches to the beat of their own drum, as noted by Cosmopolitan. These rebels often feel like outcasts caught between worlds, thanks to their peculiar nature and love of all things unconventional. This air sign has no patience for naysayers and is typically focused on creating positive social change within their community. Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer, a healer who also brings life to the world. Aquarius shares many similarities with the green ash tree, a mystical tree known as the "Tree of Life," or source for humanity in Norse mythology. In ancient Greece, the ash tree was the symbol of Poseidon, god of the sea, as well as the sun. According to Magickal Spot, these trees have long been symbols of healing and magical enchantment, providing protection from evil forces.

Since the ash tree is easy to grow and maintain, it is a popular choice for backyard landscapes (via The Spruce). They provide plenty of shade and usually turn beautiful shades of yellow in autumn. Before you start planting, check to ensure that growth will not be stopped by any buildings, walls, or other nearby plants. 

Pisces can foster their inner romantic with a dreamy cherry tree

Known as the romantic dreamers of the zodiac, Pisces are a sensitive bunch, according to Co-Star Astrology. These water signs usually can't get enough of love songs, romantic movies, and heartfelt poems, since these all reflect their creative and highly emotional nature. Ruled by the planet Neptune, the main weakness of a Pisces is that they can get lost in their imagination and lose track of reality. 

Having a cherry tree on their property will help them find the perfect balance between fantasy and the real world. Sakura, the beautiful blossoms that grow on cherry trees, only bloom for about a month each spring. Due to their short lifespan, they are said to represent the temporary nature of human existence and remind people to cherish life's simple moments, per Country Living. This beautiful tree holds special significance in Japanese culture and symbolizes love and romance, allowing Pisces to get in touch with their compassionate, caring side.