This Is What Happens When You Put Car Wax On Your Stove Top

Kitchen cleaning hacks abound on the interwebs, and for good reason: Cleaning those grimy, sticky, food-encrusted messes can be a massive undertaking, especially if you don't have the right products on hand. Stovetops are arguably one of the worst kitchen appliances to get clean. The splashes of sauce and spilled egg that land on the stove often get burnt underneath a pan or pot, making them even more difficult than normal to scrub off. A quick browser search will bring up a multitude of ways to clean a stovetop based on whether it's glass, ceramic, or steel. Certain products will work better on electric vs. gas stoves as well. Long story short, the list is endless.

But what if we told you that there's a way to make sure you'll never have to worry about those stubborn stovetop messes again? In fact, you can make all the messes you want without spending the rest of the day scrubbing your stove. All you need is a little car wax. Yes, that's right — car wax. This product will be your secret weapon for keeping your stove clean. Just think about it — car wax is designed to protect the exterior of a car, as per J.D. Power. It acts as a sealant that provides a barrier between your car's paint and the various contaminants that exist in the world, ranging from snow and ice to bird poop and tree sap. And here's what happens when you apply it to your stove.

Car wax is the kitchen item you never knew you needed

If you've made the genius decision to see how a layer of car wax can make your life easier when it comes to stovetop clean-ups, you will first need to clean your stove until it's sparkly clean, as per Apartment Therapy. This ensures that the wax will create a completely sealed barrier over your stove. Once you can see your reflection in your stove's surface, take a bit of car wax — you need less than you think! — and apply it evenly to the surface with a slightly moist sponge. The last step will be to buff the stovetop with a paper towel before allowing it to dry. You'll notice at this point that your stove will feel incredibly slippery as you run your fingers or a clean rag across it. That's exactly what you want.

The next time you cook, go all out. Don't worry about making a mess. And if you're incredibly daring, wait a day or two before cleaning your stove once you're done cooking. This is when you'll see the magic. As you go to wipe off those messes, you'll find that they glide right off. There will be no more burned or congealed food that require a razor blade to scrape off. The car wax has made it so nothing sticks to the surface of your stove. So, enjoy your new-found cleaning superpower and remember to reapply the wax every couple of weeks.