These TikTok Hacks Will Help Keep Dust From Building Up In Your Home

Dust lurks everywhere in our homes. In fact, Home Air Check estimates that the average household is infiltrated by around 40 pounds of the stuff every year. That is the equivalent of four cans of paint, spread across every surface of your living space. While the amount of dust that builds up can differ based on a variety of conditions, such as the season of the year, the presence of pets, and the region you live in (desert climates will likely present with more in-home dust), the bottom line is that dust is not something you want building up in your house. It consists of various elements, including potentially harmful chemicals let off by products in your home, which have been found to contribute to respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, as per Consumer Reports. Some chemicals have even been linked to cancer.

Cleaning the dust in your home may feel like a futile job — how many times have you dusted only for it to appear mere hours later? However, there are many cleaning hacks that can make this chore less laborious while rewarding you with a dust-free home. TikTok is a social media site known for hosting a wealth of cleaning tip videos designed to help viewers tackle everyday problems, all created by site users. Chantel Mila is one user creating cleaning content that aims to teach viewers simple but effective ways to clean their homes. Her tips for reducing dust around the house is one of her most popular videos.

These hacks will remove dust from unlikely places

Chantel Mila's "3 simple + inexpensive hacks to reduce dust from your home" TikTok video does exactly as promised — it teaches viewers easy dust-removal hacks they never knew they needed. It has earned nearly 40,000 likes to date, making it one of her most popular home tips videos. Mila starts by teaching her followers how to reduce dust on higher-up surfaces, such as the tops of cabinets. All they need to do is spread newspaper pages along these surfaces, in turn making dust cleanup all the more easier. The second tip involves getting rid of the dust mites that love burrowing in fabrics. The mom-of-two recommends placing a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the detergent drawer when washing clothes or linens to kill the little beasts. The final tip is slightly unorthodox but genius nonetheless. To remove the dust that settles on walls and baseboards, simply dampen a mop and pass it along these areas.

This video was a hit among Mila's 772,400 followers, earning over 100 comments from her loyal fans. Many of them thanked the cleaning expert for her tips, while some gave tips of their own to complement those shared in the video. One TikTok user pointed out that air purifiers are a great investment for controlling the amount of dust in the home. Others asked for advice on a specific problem they've been trying to troubleshoot, and Mila was more than happy to oblige.