The Sweet Gift Erin Napier From Home Town Gave To Her Childhood Friend

Erin Napier and husband Ben put their heart into their homes and rarely is it more apparent than in a recent episode of Home Town on HGTV. In a special episode, Napier is ready to help her childhood friend Rebekah Staples move back to the town of Laurel, Mississippi (via PEOPLE). Staples, affectionately known as "Bek," is part of a large area clan where her dad is the youngest of 13 siblings, and moving back near family has become a goal for the home shopper. Shares Napier in the episode and reported by PEOPLE, "Rebekah is very close to her family. Her family is famous in Jones County," the county the city of Laurel is located in. "I think she [Bek] has a dream of having a family here one day," says Napier.

Staples seems to agree on the importance of family, commenting on her quest to move back from Jackson, Mississippi, "I wanted to move back to Laurel to find a house and be close to my beautiful and wonderful family."

Napier's skill is finding older homes in her small hometown area and expertly upgrading these properties with the help of her very handy husband, Ben Napier. Finding the buyers on her show a home, not just a house, is the goal. 

A Home Town homecoming

Napier clearly enjoyed this highly personal and touching episode as she shared a snap from their time filming together on Instagram. Shared Napier, "Tonight we help Bek find a house in the country close to her huge family since she's come back home to Laurel after years of living in the state capital, Jackson. If you love playful, feminine color palettes and a good homecoming story, this one's for you."

This episode is so highly personal to Napier as she knows not just Bek but also Bek's sister-in-law Hope who was Napier's childhood best friend, as she elaborates on social media. "While we were filming tonight's #HGTVHomeTown episode, noted he knew me the least amount of time out of us all on the tour. Rebekah and I have been friends since middle school showchoir [sic], and her sister-in-law, @hopenstaples and I were the absolute best of friends since we were awkward 13-year-olds."

Being able to gift a longtime friend a home environment that perfectly fits her eclectic adult style is a truly unique experience for this graphic designer-turned-house-guru. Fans will also get a sneak peek when watching the episode as Napier concludes, "(PS Don't miss the first minutes of the episode—we have a new season 6 intro with sweet baby Mae and Helen)."