30 Small Garage Storage Ideas To Make Your Space Seem Bigger

The extra storage space that comes with having a garage is a big benefit. This is especially true if you have a decent amount of tools, gardening tools, seasonal decorations and sports equipment that need a home. However, having a small garage can limit the amount of stuff you can, well, stuff in it, but there's some good news: There are plenty of ways to help you rethink and maximize the space. Rather than tripping over your little one's scooter or wasting time sifting through your toolbox to find the exact screwdriver needed, you can have a fully functional and organized garage no matter the size.

By utilizing your garage to its max capacity, according to Better Homes & Gardens, you may even find yourself with enough room to fit the car in there. Take a look at the following 30 ideas to inspire you and make your small garage seem bigger than it is.

1. Invest in custom track storage

While it's an investment, installing a custom track system on the walls of a garage is the ultimate way to maximize space. Shelving and drawers can be adjusted to fit your things exactly where you need them.

2. Order custom cabinets or closets

If you prefer to hide clutter, another option is to have custom cabinets or closets installed in the garage. This way, the doors can be shut to keep your things out of sight.

3. Add a metal shelving unit

A simple DIY option is to add a metal shelving unit or two in the garage to store your things. Opt for the tallest that will fit and add caster wheels if you want to be able to easily move it around.

4. Use wall mounted shelves

Going vertically is the key to adding more storage in any small area. By mounting floating shelves in the garage, you can get that little extra space you need. Be conscious of the weight limit for shelves and avoid placing anything too heavy on them.

5. Save space with a slat wall

Slat walls are an excellent way to customize your storage in a garage and also use vertical space. Use hooks, baskets, and shelves to arrange your stuff for easy access, with items often reached for placed at eye level and less often used items hung higher.

6. Put in overhead storage

Aside from using the walls for storage in a small garage, the next best place to look is up. Hang bulky items such as kayaks or have an overhead rack installed to house seasonal decorations.

7. Repurpose a bookcase

Have an old bookcase or bookshelf that you were looking to put out to the curb? Put it to work in the garage instead and give yourself a little extra storage space.

8. Choose clear bins

Clear bins with sealed lids are best to use in a garage for a few reasons. Having bins in the first place allows you to sort your stuff into categories, the clear view allows you to see what's in each and the lids keep the pests and dirt out.

9. Opt for opaque bins

Similar to hiding clutter behind cabinet or closet doors, you may not want to see your things even if they're contained into clear bins. Instead, choose opaque ones in all the same color for a cohesive look which is always a good idea in a small space.

10. Label all bins

Regardless of whether you prefer the look of clear or opaque bins, all bins should have a clear label attached so you can easily find what you're looking for and put it back where it belongs.

11. Store according to use

Items that only see the light of day once per year, such as the holiday decorations and lights, should be stored on top shelves or overhead racks. The more often used things should be kept closer to eye level for easy reach.

12. Keep like with like

Utilizing your space can be done broadly, such as storing all sports equipment together, or more specific, such as placing all pliers in the same spot. Either way, like items should be stored with like items to keep the garage neat and organized.

13. Create zones

Creating a flow within a small garage will maximize the space and make it easy to function in. Clearly mark zones such as a workshop, gardening section, paint supply area, or where the bikes are stored.

14. House a mini mudroom

If you regularly enter and leave the house from the garage, it can serve as a mini mudroom. Have cubbies and hooks installed to store shoes, jackets, and backpacks for smoother mornings.

15. Maximize a workstation

Large items such as shop vacs and compressors generally take up a lot of floor space in a garage. Give them their own home by using empty space beneath a workbench to tuck them under.

16. Hang a pegboard

Pegboards are a staple in organized garages. The great thing about them is they can be cut to or bought in any size and even a small one will make a big impact. You can customize the hooks, shelves, and containers to get the most out of the storage space.

17. Install charging shelves

Power tools often come with bulky chargers, so use a section of a pegboard or a wall mounted shelf near the outlet to create a specific charging station.

18. Consider a magnetic strip

Lots of tools, including gardening tools, are made of metal. Install a magnetic strip to the wall of the garage and use it to store the wrenches or trowels you reach for regularly.

19. Recycle old jars

You might have seen this trick in your parents' or even grandparents' garages but it still works today. Take those old jelly or tomato sauce jars, wash them out, and use them to store screws, nails, and nuts. Stick a label on the jar like you would a bin to eliminate the guesswork.

20. Utilize pull-out drawers

Shallow drawers in a workstation or a track system allow you to store more stuff in less space. Many smaller items such as scissors, tape, and zip ties can get lost in bins and may not fit well onto a pegboard. Organizing them into drawers saves room and makes them easy to find and put away.

21. Secure lawn tools

You may be able to tell by now that the most effective space saving technique in a small garage is to use the vertical space. For large lawn tools such as rakes, shovels and even hedge trimmers, mount a heavy duty organizer to the wall to get them up and off the floor.

22. Hang the hose

If you happen to keep the hose (or an extra one) in the garage, you know it can be a pain to keep from tangling. Roll it up evenly and store on a wall hook. You can even wind it around a small round basin and hook that to the wall instead.

23. Hook ladders

Big or small, ladders are difficult to find space for. Rather than leaning or laying them down in the garage, use large hooks to secure them to the wall and keep them out of your way.

24. Park your bikes

Depending on how many bikes you have, you can search for a vertical bike rack to hold that exact amount. This will keep everyone's upright instead of falling onto one another.

25. Put bikes on the ceiling

Don't ride bikes all that often? Hang them from the ceiling to clear the floor space altogether. This can also be done just for the winter season when they're never in use.

26. Give seasonal items a home

Speaking of seasons, the stuff that comes along with hobbies such as skiing in the winter and surfing in the summer should have their own designated home. Either horizontally store them via wall mounted racks or vertically stand them up with organizers specially designed for your things.

27. Find a sports equipment organizer

Balls, bats, mitts, tennis rackets, and helmets should all be placed where the kids can grab quickly and go out to play. Look for a sports equipment organizer that fits the things you have and what they might grow into over time.

28. Throw things in a bucket

Generally speaking, round items are best stored in round containers. Contain baseballs, basketballs, and so on into buckets. If it's easy enough to carry and you want to play catch or shoot some hoops, simply bring the whole bucket outside and put it back when you're done.

29. Reuse an old hamper

A mesh or even an old plastic hamper can be reused to hold sports gear such as soccer balls and lacrosse sticks. If you're repurposing any kind of drawstring bag hamper, use a hook on the garage wall to keep it off the floor.

30. Make a parking lot

Kid's outdoor toys tend to multiply and take up a lot of space. If not kept in check, they can spread out throughout the entire garage, making it difficult to walk through. Use caution or painters tape to create a small parking lot for their riding toys and encourage them to use it.