What You Need To Know About Keeping Crystals In The Bathroom

Keeping crystals in various locations around your home is said to provide many benefits, including keeping negative energy at bay, improving sleep, and giving your home an added sensation of coziness, as per Parachute. For those who have yet to experiment with crystals, their purpose is fairly simple: Crystals have the ability to take in energy from the environment around them and change this energy in some way to provide benefits to the space and those in it. For example, shungite is a black stone that has been shown to absorb electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, that are emitted by electronic devices. While not necessarily harmful, some studies have shown that high levels of exposure to these energy waves are problematic, according to Healthline

Another popular crystal to use inside the home is rose quartz, which is typically recommended for the bedroom as it is said to radiate loving energy and contribute to sweet dreams, as per Energy Muse. For an added bonus, you can place a bit of amethyst next to the quartz to provide relaxing energy. If you're someone who tends to experience anxious thoughts or restlessness around bedtime, try blue lace agate to decrease stress and increase peaceful vibes. A great choice for the kitchen is carnelian, which is said to provide a powerful kick of energy that can increase creativity and motivation. There are also a number of crystals that can be used in the bathroom, and they do more than just serve as stylish décor.

Not just any crystal works well in the bathroom

Given the humidity that is typically present in bathrooms, you have to be careful about which crystals you choose for this space, as per The Self-Care Emporium. There are certain types of crystals that can react dangerously when they come in contact with water. Others dissolve when wet or when exposed to humidity over time. For example, selenite, rhodonite, and calcite all dissolve in water, while moldavite and malachite will break apart if they accidentally fall into a water-filled bathtub or sink. Pyrite is also off-limits for the bathroom as it lets off the toxic sulfuric acid when wet. Despite the wide range of crystals that are not ideal for the bathroom environment, you will have plenty of others to choose from.

Quartz crystals are a great choice as they stand up well to water. Smokey quartz is wonderful for energy cleansing, which matches the cleansing activities that often take place in the bathroom, according to Conscious Items. It also gets rid of any negative energy that may be present in this space, allowing you to start your day with a positive mindset. Jade will contribute to you feeling your best with its soothing properties, while amethyst can serve to calm your mind after a tiring day, as per HumeShed. You may also want to consider how you'll display your crystals in the bathroom. Luckily, there are many options, including in baskets or bowls, on shelves, or hanging from the ceiling.