The Tampa Bay Edward Scissorhands House Is On Sale For $700K

Although renting a movie or tv home on Airbnb isn't uncommon, it's rare to have the opportunity to actually buy a house that has been used in a well know film. So, if you've ever dreamed of living out a Tim Burton-esque movie fantasy every single day, then now is your time. The house featured in his 1990 cult classic film "Edward Scissorhands" is now for sale, and you won't believe everything that comes with it.

The residence, which is located on 1774 Tinsmith Circle in Lutz, Florida, not far from Tampa, was home to the Boggs family in the film played by actors Winona Ryder and Dianne Wiest. The house — as well as parts of the neighborhood — played a major role in the film as the setting where Edward (portrayed by Johnny Depp) tried his best to fit into the white-collar suburban surroundings. The 1,432 square foot home rests on 7,405 square feet of property with access to a playground, tennis courts, swimming pool, and a basketball court as part of the Carpenter's Run neighborhood, according to New York Post. With a listing price of just under $700,000, let's see exactly what you get with this piece of movie history.

A look outside the home

The single-family dwelling is made of white stucco and wood siding and sits on a cul-de-sac, with enough room for two cars in the paved driveway. Although you won't see any huge ornate shrub sculptures like those featured in the film, the sellers have adorned the front of the property with more sensibly sized plants that still look like they could've been crafted by Scissorhands himself.

There is no doubt that the sellers are proud of the home's movie history roots as the outside of the Victorian-style home has stayed true to the film's magic and whimsy, as seen on the property's brochure. The front yard features white stone gardens illuminated with spotlighting, with a big beautiful tree that shades the front corner of the lot. Walk around to the backyard, and you are met with a busy mixture of mismatched patio furniture surrounded by a high wooden fence. The reason for the cluttered backyard could be due to the previous owners needing room to seat the many guests that would come by for the free tours and screenings that they would offer while living at the residence, according to WFLA.

Inside is wall-to-wall memorabilia

As soon as you step through the doors of the Edward Scissorhands home — which you can get a glimpse of by following its TikTok account — you are hit with a barrage of movie memorabilia such as photos, paintings, and even life-sized Edward Scissorhands mannequins. According to New York Post, the property was made into a walking museum by the owners who purchased it in 2020 for around $230 thousand. However, they are not taking all of the film's collectibles — which includes authentic props and even an original script from the film — with them after they sell. All of that is included with the purchase of the home.

Staying true to the character of the movie, the walls of the gothic-inspired living room are highlighted by a striking deep purple paint which is dramatically juxtaposed by the almost floral 70's style wallpapered kitchen. Both rooms are floored with wall-to-wall grey tiles.

Further inside the home

Once you are done scoping out all of the movie treasures that seem to be in every corner of the home, you are able to notice all of the amenities within. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which might be the only rooms that are not totally dressed in character.

The bedrooms have vinyl-paneled flooring, with large enough windows to let in all of that bright natural light, according to The master bathroom's shower is decoratively detailed with tan and brown tiles, with plenty of room in the cabinets for your toiletries. Even though the replica wallpaper in the kitchen may make it look super retro, the original countertops and cabinets are surrounded by new appliances which are included with the sale. This home could be the perfect opportunity for die-hard fans to own a little bit of the magic and may even lead to a budding career as a curator of their own Edward Scissorhands museum.