Here's How Often You Need To Clean Your Walls

It wouldn't be a surprise if cleaning your walls wasn't something that crosses your mind often, but it should. Just like other surfaces in your home, walls need cleaning, love, and care too. Think about how dirty your walls probably are. Especially if you're someone who has never taken the time to clean their walls since you've lived in your home, now would be a great time. 

Over time, over many months and seasons, outside dirt, dust, residue, cobwebs, and even spiders become residents in your home. Not to mention the dirt you bring into your home from your shoes (now would make a great time to make your friends and family take off their shoes before entering your home if they don't already). According to My Domaine, accumulated dust on the walls can expand the allergens in your home. You should never wait for your walls to become filthy to clean them because there is already dirt there that you can't see as dirt and bacteria accumulate over time, and not cleaning your walls makes them dull down in color and promotes more germs and bacteria. Fortunately, Cleaning your walls is a lot more necessary than you'd think.

When To Clean Your Walls

According to SF Gate, you should clean your walls once a month. Do you ever think about how dirty your walls probably are? Spiders, specifically daddy long legs, enjoy the holes and corners of your walls where dust and cobwebs linger as excellent places to make a happy home for themselves. Don't forget smudgy walls from fingerprints, pets, stains, children, and open windows can also be contributing factors to your dingy walls.

There's no limit to what cleaning products you use; you can use your everyday favorite cleaning products or simply use a hot, soapy sponge with water, according to SF Gate. It's recommended by My Domaine to use two buckets. one with the cleaning product of your choice and another with warm water for your sponge. Use a broom to get in between cracks and ceiling corners and to get rid of any lingering cobwebs and spiders. You can let your walls air dry using the air from your windows or wipe the walls down with a clean cloth. Even though cleaning your walls is recommended once a month, there's no harm in cleaning them more often than that. Make washing your walls a normal part of your cleaning routine.