The Best Candle Scents You Should Burn In Your Bedroom

Candles are far more than just the source of a pleasant scent; the candle you burn can affect your mood and change the overall vibe of your entire space. This is why burning the right candle is so important.

Your mood can range from vastly different ends of the spectrum in just one day. According to a study by PNAS, experts now believe there are 27 different emotions, and the journal PLOS One says that on average, humans experience at least one emotion about 90% of the time. If you are going to experience emotions with that kind of frequency, you likely want to make sure those feelings are positive!

Your bedroom is likely the room in your house that you most closely relate to comfort and relaxation. This is where you rest your head after a long day of responding to emails and running errands, and where you wake up during the quiet, early hours of the morning to prepare to face a new day. "It is scientifically proven that scented candles can play an essential role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, working capacity, and overall mental health," Chryssa Chalkia, clinical integrative psychotherapist and cognitive behavioral therapist, told Travel and Leisure. "The smell of scented candles stimulates ... the part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions." So which type of candle scent is best suited for your bedroom, exactly? Read on to find out!

Lavender is key for relaxation

Do you have trouble shutting off your thoughts at night after a long day? If so, you are not alone! According to Mental Health America, stress is the reason that 2/3 of Americans have trouble sleeping at night. As it turns out, candles can help play a bigger role than you might think in quieting anxious thoughts before bed and finally getting a good night's sleep.

According to Dexter & Mason, lavender is the best choice when you are looking to wind down for the night, due to its ability to create a sense of calm and relaxation with its soothing properties. Lavender is also boasted as the best type of candle to keep insomnia at bay by Intrepid Mental Wellness, who says inhaling lavender oil can help reduce anxiety. They also say inhaling lavender oil can aid in lowering heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure, all processes that the body needs to get a good night's sleep. If you are someone who can't seem to turn their thoughts off at night, try lighting a candle that contains lavender oil a few hours before bed.

Tea tree oil can help freshen up stale bedrooms

We've all been there. You have a guest on their way from out of town coming to stay with you, and the sinking realization sets in that you can't remember the last time you've even stepped foot in the guest bedroom. Before you start picturing all the dust that must be behind that closed door, don't panic, and light a candle containing tea tree oil instead.

Tea tree oil may be the saving grace of musty, dusty guest bedrooms, thanks to its reported antihistamine properties, which can help combat the potential allergen effects of any lingering dust in the room. According to Livspace, in addition to acting as an antihistamine, tea tree oil has antibacterial benefits that can help aid in preparing your rarely-used guest room for visitors, and aid in sanitizing the room after they leave. Plus, in the age of COVID-19, any additional antibacterial or antiviral benefits are always welcome in our book!