The Best Crystals Every Cancer Should Have In Their Home

They're sweet ... they're sour ... they're Cancers! In fact, in a round-up of sweets and zodiac signs from Taste of Home, they compared Cancers to Sour Patch Kids. Cancers, represented by the crab and born between June 21 and July 22, are one of the most common zodiac signs, according to Bustle. Cancers can be very sweet and loving, but they can be sour and mean in just the same instant if you get on their bad side. Cancers love hard, and they'd do anything for those closest to them. They are loyal, protective, clever, and extremely aware of others' vibes and feelings. If things are not going their way, they tend to have a bad attitude. They can be snappy, emotional, unpredictable, and sometimes even a little pessimistic and selfish.

Because Cancer is ruled by the moon and is a water element, the energy of Cancer comes with heavy emotions, and they are not one for the weak. Cancers are known for having strong mood swings, according to Cosmic Cuts. Whether you're a Cancer sun, have Cancer placements in your chart, or know someone who is a Cancer, here you can find the best crystals to provide the healing, balance, peace, divinity, and comfort a Cancer needs in their home to give them the positive energy and vibrations they need to be happy and live their best life.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz supports the heart chakra, according to Everybody in Mind. This is perfect for Cancers as they can be very consumed by their emotions at times. The rose quartz stone is a representation of love for self and others, compassion, and understanding. According to #Legend, it's one of the most effective stones for welcoming more love into your life, as well as patience, forgiveness, and acceptance. 

This stone is perfect for Cancers as they can sometimes drown in their self-pity and find it difficult to forgive and move on from things if they've been deeply hurt by someone. When you find yourself at low points experiencing heavy emotions, hold the stone at the center of your chest, close your eyes, and breathe in and out while you imagine a bright pink aura flowing into and through your body. This reminds Cancers to never close their heart no matter what they go through with loved ones.


Emerald is not only the established birthstone of Cancer, but it's also the stone for the month of June, according to #Legend. The stone supports the heart and sacral chakra and encourages unity, emotional health, loyalty, and kindness. Cancers' ability to have a big heart for the ones they love and care for the most and continue to be deeply sensitive and intuitive makes the emerald a perfect crystal for them. 

This crystal will provide the calming balance and energy they need to stay grounded, keep their emotions in check, protect their peace, and keep a healthy body, mind, and spirit. This stone will help any snappy Cancers deal with any mood swings, rationalize, and keep their cool during trying times. Emerald is recognized as the stone of wisdom, authenticity, and health. #Legend also mentioned that Egyptians believed the gem would bring them good health, youthfulness, and protection once they cross over into the afterlife.

Red Jasper

According to Everybody in Mind, red is Cancer's lucky color. Red Jasper is a sacral and root chakra stone that keeps one grounded and spiritually protected. This crystal presents the energy of solace, strength, endurance, and wholesomeness. Identity and family go hand in hand with this crystal because it promotes fulfilling relationships and self-mastery for Cancers. 

The red jasper crystal suits Cancers well because they need a necessary reminder sometimes to have a balance of taking care of themselves just as they take care of everyone else. They tend to take on more emotionally than the average person and sometimes allow other people to suck their energy dry without realizing it. If you find yourself having moments where you feel lost, off-track, or disoriented, try meditating with the red jasper crystal close to the base of your spine. If you're someone who likes to be outside in nature, take it with you and walk around or sit in your yard. Allow the energy of the crystal to flow through you as you become one with yourself and nature.


Otherwise known as Cancer's birthstone for those born during Cancer season, here we have the moonstone. The moonstone is one of the most beautiful, powerful crystals a Cancer could have. The moonstone is connected to the energy of the moon (hence the name) and water, which is Cancer's element. 

It promotes life transformations for Cancers, according to Cosmic Cuts. It represents truth, intuition, and divinity in a person and the energy they carry within. This stone is particularly helpful to Cancers as it helps them to go more with the flow and to have unwavering trust in themselves. It offers up a soothing energy for balancing emotions and is often used to enhance intuition and inspiration. The energy of the moonstone will transform any Cancer's overall being with its one-of-a-kind energy. Because the moonstone is Cancers' birthstone, the new moon each month brings positive growth, changes, and powerful transformations for Cancers.


This stone is highly recognized for abundance, luck, and success. It's one that's been known to enhance creativity, inspiration, and self-confidence for Cancers, according to Cosmic Cuts. The citrine stone gives off warm, inviting energy and positivity. It is a solar plexus chakra stone and encourages inner power, faith, and boosts self-esteem. 

As a sign that can sometimes be stuck in their ways of being and thinking, this stone will allow Cancers to open up their mind to welcome different perspectives in to see the better side of things regardless of circumstances. This crystal will help Cancers to realize that their way isn't always the right way or the only way. It's a reminder to Cancers that regardless of failed attempts, they always have an abundance of options if they're open to shifting their mentality. According to #Legend, Citrine is known to attract luck, fortune, and manifest money and wealth. This stone will give Cancers the self-belief they need to be creative, optimistic, and see the good in all situations.


According to Sarah Scoop, the ruby, otherwise known as July's birthstone, is a great stone for Cancers because it promotes grounding yourself, being courageous, and most importantly, overcoming deep fear, which can manifest as physical sickness in your body if not dealt with. With this gemstone, Cancers will have no choice but to confront their fears and take them head-on, which will inevitably lead them to overcome them and have the confidence they desire in order to achieve goals — or so the idea is behind the stone's vibrations. 

Cancers sometimes like to run away from their problems to avoid being held accountable, but this stone's energy forces them to break that cycle and walk into different territory. The ruby crystal will lead Cancers to get more in touch with their adventurous side as they can at times be too serious. This energy will allow Cancers to have more fun and worry less, forcing them to stay in the present moment, focus on things in their control and not worry about things outside of their control, something they need to do more often.


The carnelian stone provides Cancers with a sense of energy, inspiration, creativity, passion, and the motivation to go after their dreams and make things happen. It is a sacral and solar plexus chakra stone similar to the citrine crystal. Because it is considered a high-energy stone, according to #Legend, it provides Cancers with the self-confidence and the drive they sometimes need to make necessary decisions with the best outcome in mind in order to balance out their sometimes irritating thinking. 

The carnelian is one to trigger movement and rid yourself of any stagnant energy. This stone is also great for enhancing physical energy and can be used for romance between significant others. Because it enhances physical energy, you can't go wrong with carrying it with you while working out at the gym or placing it in the bedroom for a romantic night with your partner. According to Cosmic Cuts, the carnelian leads Cancers to make good choices.


According to Sarah Scoop, this beautiful stone is known to help heal the heart space and welcome spiritual awakenings. Rhodonite helps Cancers to release their need to depend on others emotionally, which gives them the space to feel confidently and securely in their bonds and internally. This reduces the natural stress they carry and tend to take on at moments, especially when it comes to family and friends. 

With this stone's energy, Cancers are able to look inward for their needs to be met, release codependent traits and self-destructive behaviors, and heal from old wounds. They won't feel the need to fix everyone else's problems on top of their own. Because Cancers can be extremely hard on themselves, this stone will help them to forgive themselves, see the lighter side of things and release lingering guilt from past mistakes or situations as well as build self-validation. With rhodonite, Cancers will become more in touch with their body, mind, and spirit.


According to Cosmopolitan, the selenite stone is named after Selene, the legendary goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. Especially because they are highly sensitive and intuitive, selenite helps Cancers to better their psychic abilities, which will come in handy when it comes to balancing out and determining their energy from other people and things. 

The energy of Selenite encourages trusting your gut fully without questioning it. Because Cancers are highly sensitive as well as intuitive, they tend to take on a lot of energy around them from people. Because these are sometimes negative energies, this stone will help them to deal with their emotions, practice discernment when it comes to who they should welcome into their space versus who they should stay away from while all in the same being able to protect their peace while staying at ease. With this crystal, Cancers will feel safe, at ease, and taken care of.