Why You Should Use Wax Paper To Clean Your Sink Fixtures

It turns out that wax paper offers more uses than just wrapping up leftovers — it can also clean the smudges and water spots off your sink fixtures, as per Little Things. Instead of pulling out a chemical cleaner and clean rag every time you notice fingerprints or other stains on the faucet of your kitchen or bathroom sink, simply reach for a bit of wax paper instead. The benefits of using wax paper to clean your sink fixtures include saving time and money on expensive cleaners that may even leave behind smudges of their own. This simple, one-step cleaning method will have your sink fixtures back to their spiffy, gleaming selves in no time. 

To clean your sink fixtures, rip off a small piece of wax paper and rub it along the faucet and taps. Make sure you work your way into any nooks and crannies that you might otherwise miss. As you rub, you'll notice that the paper leaves behind a bit of waxy residue. You won't want to wipe this off, as the wax will serve as a barrier against water, grime, and smudges. You can test it yourself and watch as water splashes right off the sink fixtures without leaving behind any unsightly stains. Once you finish the task, you can save the wax paper for the next clean-up, as long as it still has plenty of wax left. You'll need to reapply about once a week, as the wax will eventually wear off.

Other cleaning uses for wax paper

While you're cleaning your kitchen and bathroom sink fixtures, consider these additional wax paper cleaning hacks. Taste of Home points out a brilliant tip to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your kitchen by making your job easier. All you'll need to do is spread some wax paper in any hard-to-reach areas, such as the tops of kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator. The idea is simple — instead of needing to dust and wipe down these surfaces on cleaning day, you just need to switch out the wax paper. Any dust, crumbs, and dirt will stick to the paper's wax coating instead of your cabinet tops. This method can also extend the amount of time in between cleanings, as you can leave the paper for three to four months before it will start to lose its adhesiveness and need to be replaced. Consider placing wax paper in your drawers for the same purpose.

One Crazy House recommends using wax paper as a substitute for a Swiffer dry mop cloth to save money on those expensive refills. Wrap the wax paper around the Swiffer mop head as you would with the cloths and watch as the dust and dirt on your floors cling to the surface. Wax paper can also be used to clean household products, including your can opener. Just pass the paper through the gears to apply a layer of wax that will help the can opener cut more smoothly.