25 Before And After Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

A laundry room or closet is easy to put on the bottom of your to-do list when it comes to decorating and organizing, especially if it's functioning just fine as-is. You're likely one of the only people to see it on a regular basis anyway, so what does it matter?

We think that the area you use to perform one of the most tedious, yet crucial, household chore deserves to get at least a little more love and attention. Because, as House Beautiful puts it, if you're going to be doing something you don't really enjoy, you might as well be doing it in a pretty space. It may even make the task a bit more tolerable!

Ahead, you'll find 25 before and after laundry room makeovers that will hopefully spark some inspiration for you to transform your own. At the very least, the transformed spaces may give you ideas on how to organize your supplies so you can get more done in less time.

Before: A single shelf with limited storage

Other than a single wire shelf, these bare walls leave little room for aesthetics and functionality. Laundry products are limited to what the shelf can store and are difficult to reach.

After: A luxury laundry room with custom cabinetry

A statement chandelier was hung and custom cabinets were built in place of the shelf, providing far more storage space. Daily essentials were decanted and are now easier to grab.

Before: Dark and dingy

Although painted a pastel purple, this room still feels dark. Cleaning products clutter up the counter, while the tall shelves are underutilized.

After: Bright and airy

Fresh white paint, a new backsplash, and a light-wooden counter brighten the whole space, even with the dark cabinets replacing the shelves. Products are either hidden behind cabinet doors or have been decanted into matching glass containers and bottles.

Before: Uninviting and cluttered

A crowded, narrow laundry room was also being used as a pantry. While there was a decent amount of shelving, things still looked cluttered and the lime green walls were darkening the space.

After: Cheerful and organized

A coat of light paint seems to make all the difference in the entire room. Pantry goods were decanted into matching jars with labels, and the counter remains functional while also improving the overall decor.

Before: Bare and lacking storage

It's a bit of an understatement to say that this laundry room leaves something to be desired. It looks barely finished, and neither provides adequate storage nor enough room to fold.

After: Refined with ample space

Here, front-loading washer and dryer machines replaced the old ones. This allowed space for a beautifully-finished wood countertop to be laid on top and provided a much-needed folding area. New custom cabinets were built-in, fully maximizing the available storage space.

Before: Drab and disorganized

The brown paint on the walls makes the room feel dark and morose. A single wire shelf allows for little space to organize laundry products, resulting in obvious clutter.

After: Light and tidy

Not only did white paint brighten the room, but new white cabinets and shelves were also installed to provide additional storage space. Even though the cleaning products and laundry detergent can be hidden behind the doors, beautifully-contrasting black wooden organizers were added to keep things tidy.

Before: Lacking aesthetics and functionality

While fairly well-organized with a set of matching bins and labels, this room lacked style and a proper place to store certain items or fold clothes.

After: Newly renovated and functional

With new upper and lower cabinets, improved shelving, a tile backsplash, and a new countertop, this laundry room is barely recognizable from its previous state. Plants, matching hyacinth baskets, and a complementary sign give the space some serious style.

Before: Boring and messy

This laundry room not only lacks personality, it also lacks sufficient storage with just one single shelf. The sink area consists of clutter, and the blank wall above it is a waste of vertical space.

After: Beautiful and clean

The original shelf was removed and replaced with an aesthetically pleasing wooden one that was installed closer to eye level. A secondary shelf was added with tall baskets to conceal clutter. Decor such as candles, plants, and a trendy sign all lend a sleek, minimalist look to the laundry room.

Before: Crowded closet

Laundry closets are already limited spaces so it's easy to let them get cluttered, as is the case here. Despite having three shelves, the closet lacks any sort of organized system and contains a number of items that would probably be better off stored elsewhere.

After: Neat nook

After renovation, non-essentials were removed, baskets were added, and new sections were created to organize this small closet. A lint-catch bin and lost sock sign not only serve a practical purpose, but also add some much-needed decor.

Before: Outdated look

From the dingy curtains to the dated hardware, the laundry room is showing its age. Products are piling up on the machines, and there's virtually no space to treat stains, or sort and fold clothing.

After: Contemporary feel

The cabinet doors were removed to reveal open shelves with matching woven baskets that conceal any clutter. A countertop was laid over the machines to store frequently reached-for items and provide a surface area for performing chores. Updated curtains and more modern decor give this laundry room a refreshed appearance.

Before: Standard wire shelving

Like most builder-grade homes and rental apartments, wire shelving is the standard. It's definitely functional, but not so pleasing to the eye. This laundry closet has two small shelves holding a confusing mix of different baskets and products, making it look a bit disorganized.

After: Custom wooden ledges

While not creating any additional storage space, the upgrades made here produced a whole new look to this laundry closet. The wire shelves were replaced with wooden ones, the mismatched baskets were removed, and most of the laundry products were decanted into cohesive, labeled, clear containers.

Before: Drab

This laundry room is about as plain as one can get. Bare walls and the standard single wire shelf that's placed entirely too high give little style and storage space.

After: Fab

A custom-built cabinet and wooden shelves give far more in terms of storage and organization. A unique pendant light, simple yet beautiful decor pieces, and matching baskets help create a more luxurious look and feel.

Before: Unused nook

The washer and dryer were crowded into a different corner of this laundry room, while this alcove was being used for nothing but collecting clutter.

After: Successful setup

The machines fit perfectly in the existing nook, and shelves were added above to store supplies. Small details such as vertical shiplap, a black and white framed photo, and soft greenery make it feel cozy and cute.

Before: Mundane and claustrophobic

This claustrophobic laundry room is closed-in and lacking both in storage and style. There is very little walking space and no easily available spot to fold clean clothes.

After: Exciting and space-saving

The old washer and dryer were swapped out for a space-saving stackable set, creating room for a folding table and a hamper. The walls were painted a happier color and small decor details were added to infuse some personality into the space.

Before: A bit too busy

Even though there is storage in the way of a cabinet and shelves, as well as some decorative accents, this laundry area still feels cluttered and a bit too busy.

After: Classy and simplified

A fresh paint job after the removal of the previous cabinet and shelves combo breathes new life into the space. A single, hefty wooden shelf with a plant and framed family photos adds a sweet touch.

Before: Zero style or storage

Talk about underutilized! This particular laundry closet doesn't even include the standard wire shelf found in most. There's no personality nor storage space to be seen.

After: Unique and useful

A wooden shelf in a darker tone with matching baskets adds both style and functionality. What's more, a matching multi-tier ledge running behind and alongside the machines was also added to increase surface space. A sassy sign and unique giraffe statue add to the fun feel of the closet.

Before: Practical yet ordinary

Although it's on the larger side, this laundry room is lacking in sophistication. In addition, there seems to be a decent amount of wasted space that could be better utilized.

After: Functional and beautiful

New flooring, wall paint, and a sink, along with cabinetry and a countertop completely revamp this laundry room without losing any of its original features and functions.

Before: A cramped room

A small sunroom off of this house was used not only for a laundry area but also as storage for bulky items such as bicycles. The available space to store laundry products, however, seems limited.

After: An airy space

Refinished walls, updated machines, and lively houseplants completely revamp this room. New shelving, including a countertop, lends greater storage for laundry supplies.

Before: Lackluster

While it does have decent storage space, this larger laundry room still feels cluttered. The drab paint color and inadequate lighting contribute to its lackluster appearance.

After: Lively

In addition to white wall paint and a tile backsplash, new cabinets, drawers, and a perfectly-placed shelf completely transformed the room. Undermount cabinet lights infuse a brightness into the space for a much cleaner look.

Before: Out of style

This outdated and poorly-lit laundry room not only looks sad and drab, but the bare walls also indicate a glaring waste of space. 

After: Chic and trendy

Aside from new flooring, very few structural changes were made in order to modernize the space. Simple cosmetic changes such as new paint, patterned wallpaper, shelving, and fresh decor make it appear much more contemporary.

Before: Lacking personality

Like so many other builder-grade laundry closets, this one is nearly indistinguishable from the others we've seen. A solo wire shelf that's difficult to keep organized is all there is to store laundry supplies.

After: Charming utlility

The wire shelf has been swapped out for a wooden one with sleek black brackets. Coordinating decor, such as a framed piece of artwork, ties the space together, and laundry supplies are now held in cute containers.

Before: A so-so space

This laundry room is a decent size and already has trendy containers to organize laundry products. There is, however, a lot of unused space, and the single shelf is placed a bit too high.

After: An optimized room

Two wooden shelves were installed at lower heights, making supplies easier to reach. Wall decor, including helpful laundry guides, were added to fill the vertical space.

Before: Cluttered closet

This laundry closet might be a slight step above the others we've seen, given the wooden shelf as opposed to the standard wire option. However, it's still pretty basic, and entirely too disorganized. 

After: Orderly aesthetic

An unexpected wallpaper pattern mimicking washed brick sets the tone for this transformed space. A darker, wooden shelf with matching bins rests closer to eye level, and the slim wall space is used appropriately to neatly hang cleaning products.

Before: Boring

This brand-new laundry room is a fantastic blank slate for a custom design. In its current state, however, it's most definitely missing both style and storage space.

After: Elegant

By updating or replacing each element — including the washer and dryer — this room took on a whole new atmosphere. A fresh coat of paint, new tile flooring and backsplash, and framed art make it feel contemporary and lived-in. Custom cabinets and an added countertop provide much-needed space to store supplies.

Before: Bland and basic

Yes, this laundry room has two shelves — which is a step above just one– and it does have has some of the laundry supplies concealed in baskets. However, it's still lacking any notable personality, and there's still a cluttered look to this tiny room.

After: Luxurious and useful

Slim cabinets and a shelf that matches a countertop are enough to make this space unrecognizable. However, labeled containers for organizing laundry supplies along with fun decor and a unique accent wall take it to the next level altogether.

Before: Old and unkempt

This laundry room is showing obvious signs of age, from the outdated cabinets to the dingy utility sink. There's virtually no organization, and it looks disheveled overall. 

After: Modern and neat

Sleek black cabinets, marble wallpaper, and new shelving completely revamped the space to the point where it's almost unrecognizable. New countertops provide necessary work space, and tiny touches of decor add even more visual interest.