How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your House All Winter Long

From the leaves changing colors and falling off the tree branches to temperatures dropping and the sky becoming grayer each day, we know what season is upon us. Once the season of winter kicks off, everyone wants to be inside their warm, cozy homes. As the days get darker and colder, everyone wants to stay in, and that includes uninvited guests like bugs

Insects are known to invade homes during the chilly winter months, but there are simple things that you can do to prevent this invasion of unwanted pests who like to make a warm home for themselves by taking over and making their presence known in your house. in the details below, you can find the best ways to make your home pest-free this winter and every winter after, removing the ways pests get in and the things that attract them. Here you can find the best tips for making your winter a less creepy-crawly one.

Seal up your house

Who wants bugs in their home? Most folks don't. A helpful measure to take is to seal up any cracks, holes, open gaps, windows, bottoms of outside doors, and any small open spaces to keep those bugs out. You can bet bugs and other pests will find a way in if there is one. They can fit through the smallest crevices and don't need lots of space to crawl their way through into your comfort and warmth. 

Patch up any wall cracks and keep in mind that sealing up your windows for the winter doesn't just prevent bugs from coming in but also that excess cold air. According to JP Pest Services, insulation is also a great asset in keeping little critters away from your home as the foam and chemicals used work as a barrier against the critters. Not only will it keep bugs out of your home, but it will keep your inside air in and outside air out, leaving you to relax in your bug-free coziness.

Deep clean and keep it clean

Cleaning your kitchen is crucial to keeping insects out of your home, especially in the winter. Even though you should avoid keeping your house a messy disaster overall, it's important to be extra mindful of any unwanted guests once the chilly air hits. Never leave food or drinks out anywhere improperly secured. According to JP Pest Services, left-out food provides an unwelcome invitation for insects to enter your home that you don't want because bugs can, of course, smell food and will follow the scent to where it leads them. Be mindful of cleaning up crumbs, and you want to avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Sweep or mop the floor as often as you can or when you notice dirt or food lying about.

Keep in mind that the dirtier your kitchen is, the more hiding spaces little critters can find to hide and take over, so you always want to make sure your kitchen floor is scrubbed down and polished. According to Beeline Pest Control, you should consider using airtight and unsealed containers to keep food in the refrigerator to prevent pests from easily being able to access it. You should also consider choosing one room in the house to eat all meals to limit crumbs and food being left around the house. Even if the rest of your home isn't always tidy, your kitchen should be. Keeping your kitchen clean is key to keeping pests away.

Minimize moisture

In case you didn't know, insects love tight, wet spaces. Much like every other living organism, they need water to remain alive. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to make sure your house is taken care of. 

If your home has any leaks, open pipes, holes, and such in your basement, attic, or anywhere else, now would be a good time to take care of that because your uninvited guests will take over and it won't be a fun experience. After taking a shower, turn on the bathroom fan to get rid of moisture quickly and never leave spilled substances to go uncleaned. If there is any standing water in your house, little critters are sure to make it a happy home. Keep wet shoes outside until they completely dry off. 

Even if you don't think there are any leaks, you should still check your home for areas of standing water, as recommended by JP Pest Services, because you never know and it's better to be safe than to be sorry.

Keep your house completely clean

A clean house is a bug-free house. Always take off your shoes at the front door and have everyone who comes over do the same so that you don't bring any dirt or unknown pests inside. Do not hoard trash in your home. Be sure to get rid of any trash weekly or more often. Check to make sure your trash is secured and closed, especially in the kitchen. 

Because insects do prefer dark and warm spaces, wipe down in between the cracks of doors, surfaces, and walls. Store food securely and throw out any unwanted or spoiled food. You should also vacuum and sweep rooms to minimize dust and dirt in cracks and floors. Beeline Pest Control also recommends hanging your clothes in a secure place to avoid them being left on the floor for a bug to make a hiding home out of as well as getting rid of any excess household debris like old boxes.