This Huge NYC Townhouse With A Basketball Court Is On Sale For $16.2 Million

On the Upper East Side of New York City, a luxurious gem just hit the market. The townhouse boasts a 7,400-square-foot living area with five bedrooms and eight bathrooms (per Zillow). The seven stories are also complete with a variety of luxurious details and technologies, including an entire indoor basketball court, knocking all the other homes in the area out of the park.

The New York Post states that the residence was originally built in 1901 and has gone through a series of reconstruction phases before it reached the market again in its current lavish state. During its renovations, the designers wanted to keep the traditional style of the home while modernizing features and bringing the townhouse into the 21st century, and the outcome is marvelous. The townhouse not only has glamorous, modern-day styles and technologies, but also respects and incorporates the original style into the surroundings. Let's take a closer look inside this New York City treasure.

Coveted outdoor space

The stunning NYC townhouse is located at 164 E. 70th St. on the Upper East Side of New York City. According to Niche, the Upper East Side is one of the best places to live in the entire metropolitan area. This neighborhood provides a perfect amount of urban atmosphere with plenty of nightlife, restaurants, bars, shops, and parks scattered throughout.

Regarding the property, the residence boasts a beautiful courtyard behind the massive building. Although the area is rather small, it provides a perfect entertaining space with two sitting areas, outdoor cooking equipment, and a variety of plants to liven the area. More opportunities for gardens and plants also extend over the small space. 

Surrounding the garden are high walls that support and provide ample privacy for residents and their guests, important when living in a busy urban environment. Zillow shows more outdoor areas throughout house with small terraces that overlook the city in some of the upper-level rooms.

A classic yet modern interior

As mentioned before, the townhouse has a total of five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Each of these bedrooms presents a modern design with lightly-colored walls and tall windows, providing each room with plenty of natural lighting. The bedrooms are lined with tan carpeting, which matches the color of the tiles in the corresponding bathrooms. The living room also has light walls and a lightly colored rug covering a darker hardwood floor. A black spiral staircase brings this style even further into the small basement area, as noted by Zillow.

For a large townhouse, the kitchen has a rather limited amount of cooking space, but boasts top tier appliances and plenty of storage space. The kitchen and living spaces that surrounds the kitchen represent the more traditional side of the home with dark wooded walls and dark hardwood floors. There is even a grand staircase that continues the classy, traditional style between levels of the home.

Yes, this home has a basketball court

The spotlighted portion of this townhouse is located on the very top of the residence on the seventh floor. This half-sized basketball court can provide the perfect escape for sport lovers or the perfect practice place for professional or recreational players. In rain or shine you can host or play your own game of basketball without leaving the comfort of your home. The space can likewise be used for other recreational purposes as desired.

The basketball court boasts a glossy wooded floor with markings based on accurate distances taken from professional courts. The walls surrounding the court are made of white bricks and are protected by large mats on each side. During the days, the court fills with plenty of natural light from high windows on three of the four court walls. A shower room is also attached to the court, for convenient access before, during, and after a workout, per Zillow.