20 Stylish Ideas For Decorating Your Kid's Bedroom With A Dinosaur Theme

It's true; most kids have some kind of obsession with dinosaurs. So, if you have a kid who loves prehistoric creatures, it only makes sense to decorate their room with a dinosaur theme. On the other hand, if you want to expand your child's imagination and get them excited to learn along the way, this fun, whimsical theme for their bedroom will be the perfect way to do that.

Motherly says that a dinosaur-themed room can work for just about any age group, from a nursery for your baby to inspiring your big kids. Trang Tran, the museum store buyer at Fernbank Museum of Natural History, explains the appeal to Houzz, calling dinosaurs larger-than-life and such an essential part of history that it's easy to see why kids are so into them. Keep reading to see some stylish ideas for decorating your child's bedroom in a fantastic dinosaur theme. They'll love the décor so much that they may never want to leave their room!

1. A chic display

We love how chic this dresser looks with an oversized dinosaur proudly displayed and what an upgrade this would be in a dino-themed bedroom.

2. A sweet nursery

Set up a few shelves with your baby's favorite toys, and include a turquoise dinosaur for a pop of color in your nursery.

3. A prominent triceratops front-and-center

Consider adding a worldly shelf with their favorite educational items if you have an older child, including a plaster replica of a triceratops skull.

4. Muted tones

Neutral tones can make a child's room feel relaxed, and your dinosaur fan will love this plush toy.

5. Dino-focus

Make your child's favorite dinosaur the center of their world by setting it prominently on their dresser. If the toy also matches the rest of the décor, you've got yourself the missing piece of the puzzle.

6. Add a massive shelf

Kids adore displaying their most precious possessions, so why not get a shelf for them to lovingly display their favorite dinosaurs!

7. Keep them on time

If your family is like most, your mornings are most likely a rush. So why not give your dino-loving child some morning excitement by displaying a triceratops next to the alarm clock?

8. A bright blue nursery

If an eye-popping blue nursery isn't enough, there are plenty of sweet reasons we love this room, and a major one is this light blue dinosaur proudly situated on the light pink table.

9. A bold statement

Make a bold statement by letting your little one showcase everything they love, including dinosaurs found on the bedding, a massive elephant art piece, and giraffe artwork.

10. Natural elements

Beautiful natural wood tones add natural elements to the room, and we are sure your child will love the wooden dinosaur toy.

11. Add a chalkboard wall

If your child loves to draw, adding a chalkboard wall to their room would be a perfect choice. They could even draw their favorite dino themselves.

12. Elegant accessories

This room's interior is so luxe, but if you incorporate a bit of whimsical design with a large dinosaur decoration, we think your child would be amused.

13. A dino party

This shelf is brought to life with a variety of dinosaurs that may give some excitement to the morning routine.

14. A fun art project

If your little one loves the diplodocus dinosaur, we suggest having them create their very own version to add to the wall!

15. Dinosaur showdown

We don't think there's a kid on the planet that isn't obsessed with this next breed of dinos. So it's only fitting to have a showdown with an Indominus Rex vs. T-Rex, which could be displayed on a side table or dresser in the bedroom.

16. A dino-inspired lamp

If you want to inspire your kid to get that homework finished right after they get home from school, consider adding a dinosaur lamp to their workstation.

17. Room to grow

If your dino-lover has a thing for plants, you may want to use this idea. Simply spray-paint your child's favorite dinosaur gold and add a succulent for them to take care of.

18. Light it up

We love this glowy option for a nightlight and we bet your child will love being watched over by a skeletal T-Rex, too.

19. A cool dinosaur mural

For art lovers, the idea of adding a mural to a wall in your child's bedroom of their favorite prehistoric creature is excellent.

20. A lovely pink dinosaur

Kids would love this bright pink dinosaur planter that would be perfect on a side table in their bedroom.