The Real Reason You Should Keep This Crystal Under Your Bed

Crystals are a popular purchase made today as we look for peace and harmony in a world full of chaos and uncertainty. There are several types of crystals in an assortment of colors and textures, each of which have their own properties and metaphysical meanings. Once you handle crystals, you will find some feel cool where others may feel warm, though not literally. According to the Gemstone Therapy Institute, the temperature of crystals has to do with the energetic effect they have on the body.

If you are beginner and are not sure which crystals to purchase to enhance a certain area of your life, there are books and articles available that shed light on which crystals you may want to get for a specific need, including spicing up your love life. In fact, an article in Architectural Digest offers insightful information and is a suitable place to begin to determine which specific crystals you may want to purchase and where to place them in the home.     

Carnelian can spice things up

Now if you are looking for ways to spice things up, among the various crystals available, carnelian is known for enhancing the love life and rejuvenating vitality, according to Tiny Rituals. The bright orange color tends to resemble the color of something hot and burning. Available in various shades of orange, which also include yellow and brown enhancements, some carnelian crystals resemble the flames of fire.

The placement of a crystal is equally important as the crystal you select. In the case of carnelian this is important. In fact, Architectural Digest suggests keeping this specific crystal under your bed or mattress. Why, you might ask? The reason carnelian should be placed under your bed is because it is known to specifically stimulate the lower chakras. This puts the crystal in the most effective location to reach the best results to stimulate your sensuality and libido.

Carnelian and your chakras

So, a little on chakras. According to an article on the topic found in Well Being, we have three lower chakras known as the root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra. These chakras keep us grounded, and are tied into our warrior power and our place of play and fulfillment.

Carnelian is known to stimulate the sacral chakra, thus enhancing the love life and the center of sensuality. Known as a fertility stone and named by the Egyptians, according to Tiny Rituals, carnelian boosts the libido and in fact is dedicated only to the sacral chakra. They further state that the sacral chakra is the passion and intimacy center, and if blocked can be stimulated and cleared with carnelian. If you find your love life lacking or less than stellar, pick up a carnelian crystal, place it under your mattress or bed, and prepare for fireworks in the bedroom.