Inside The Stunning Wallace Neff-Designed California Mansion That's For Sale

If you have $21.5 million dollars accessible, this Wallace Neff-designed California mansion could be yours. Listed for the exact same price a year prior, this home was built close to a century ago in 1929 for the widow of James Skinner, per Realtor. The residence is known to be one of Neff's earlier projects that has been home to numerous celebrities and other elites including J.B. Van Nuys. However, Goodwin Gaw, who also owns the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, is the most recent owner of this mansion after paying $6 million for it in 2004.

According to Zillow, this estate is located in the San Marino area and sits roughly on 1.80 acres of land with the actual home being around 11,318 square feet in size. Additionally, the interior of this stunning residence features 10 bedrooms and 11 full size bathrooms. Other notable features include two staircases, an elevator, library, and a wine cellar. The most significant exterior area of this home includes an auto drive gate that leads to a five car garage space.

Alluring outdoor scenery

The exterior of this home is absolutely alluring. Aside from the massive garage space mentioned earlier, there is a garden type of area that one can walk through and get lost in, via Zillow. This is perfect for a late night walk in the spring breeze. Additionally, there are several different outdoor seating areas to choose from. A small table featuring four chairs and a long rectangular table with eight chairs are just two of the many options available.

This residence has two incredibly athletic features as well. The first and typically most common feature is an inground pool. With a walk-in entrance ramp located at one end, this is the perfect summer activity to do alone or while hanging out with several friends. This is a great entertainment feature for summer parties as well. The second and definitely more uncommon feature is a tennis court. Located inside a gated area for obvious reasons, this court is large in size and can have numerous players on either side.

Breathtaking common interior rooms

Now, let's talk about the interior, specifically the most common rooms, of this gorgeous mansion. Perhaps the most popular room of this home, and any home in general, is the living room. This one of a kind sitting area features not only one couch, but three in total, via Realtor. Two of them are sitting facing each other while the other one is on the far end of the room in front of a small and cozy fireplace. Directly above the two main couches and the separated couch are two incredible gold chandeliers that match the gold design of the two twin sofas.

Next, and of equal importance is the kitchen. For starters, this kitchen has several small windows that bring in a small amount of natural light to this somewhat dark kitchen. The floors in this room consist of stone zig zag tiles that are in a variety of shades of brown. The sink is incredibly large and deep, which provides tons of rooms to do dishes and tackle other life necessities. Furthermore, there are two different stove and oven combinations providing a variety of options to choose from when cooking.

Most uncommon unique areas

The rooms in this stunning California residence that are not as common in most homes are some of the most extravagant areas in this house. This home features two staircases that lead to the second floor, per Zillow. Both are beautiful and elegant, so choosing which one to use comes down to convenience. However, if you don't want to take the stairs, an elevator is also included to easily maneuver between the two floors. The elevator is gated and see-through, making it fun to move between the two stories.

The next two rooms are relatively common for mansions. For those that work out, there is a stunning exercise room with several exercise machines. This room is perfect for losing weight, gaining muscle, or just wanting to tone up. Lastly, this mansion also features a built in theater room with a massive screen. One long couch sits directly in front of the screen with curtains hanging around the entire room, aside from one area that features a rose painting.