Take A Tour Of Adam Trest's Chic Mississippi Home From Home Town

Adam Trest is a rising artist and illustrator from Laurel, Mississippi. His work was originally inspired by natural landscapes across the southern parts of the United States. His art focuses on much of the wildlife in these areas, specifically flora and fauna, per Adam Trest Studio. Many of his original designs were made for Laurel Mercantile Co., but he recently decided to shift his art career down a different path. As of this year, he is known as the illustrator of Erin Napier's children's book, The Lantern House (per Laurel Mercantile).

As Trest continues to move his artistic career to new levels, he is also making changes in his home life. Trest has spent many years in his Mississippi home. It was where his artistic talents developed and advanced to what they are today. As sad as it may feel about leaving his home behind, he is ready to embrace new beginnings wherever his art career may take him (per People). Let's take a look inside this $500,000 Mississippi home.

Laurel from home town

Trest's 5,285 square foot home is located in Laurel, Mississippi, which is stationed along the southeastern side of the state. The small town is known for its appearance in the popular HGTV show "Home Town." The show revolved around a couple who restore homes and, in the process, help nearby business owners promote their businesses. This Is My South states that the show also features many popular locations throughout the town, for example, Bird Dog Cafe, Laurel Mercantile, and Lauren Rogers Museum of Art.

Unlike the town that surrounds the property, which takes on a rather old, rustic look, Trest's home takes on a cute cottage style with plenty of outdoor and garden space. The property boasts a beautiful backyard with a large stone back porch that extends from the back door of the house. This porch provides plenty of space for outdoor seating arrangements and some outdoor cooking equipment, as seen on Zillow.

Plenty of entertaining and studio space

The home contains a total of three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Zillow presents the master bedroom with an ample amount of space for both bedroom furniture as well as a small sitting area. The other two rooms are somewhat smaller but are the perfect size for children within the home. The bathrooms, on the other hand, are rather smaller but still provides enough space for comfortable bathroom functions. The kitchen expands again with plenty of cooking space, accompanied by a small breakfast area and a more formal dining spot.

Zillow states that there are also multiple seating areas throughout the home, perfect for entertaining guests or simply spending time with family. These seating areas are located both inside and outside of the home. There is also plenty of space to add a studio or work office to the home as well, just as Adam Trest has before decided to sell the house.

Bright cottage home

Upon entering the home, visitors are almost immediately met with the beautiful cottage theme that engulfs the home. Visitors are led from the entrance through a small sitting area, which boasts wooden walls, tile floors, and windows that naturally light the area from above. This theme continues into the kitchen, where the cooking space is designed with rustic brown wooden cabinets and reddish-brown floor tiles.

Zillow shows that the tiles continue into all of the bedrooms, where they are contrasted with light-colored walls. The corresponding bathrooms take on a variety of different looks. The master bathroom introduces a more modern look to the home with white floor tiles, a white walk-in shower, and a traditional white separate bathtub. These light elements are deeply contrasted by a dark wooden ceiling. The master bedroom does not continue the modern look, in fact, it includes more of the cottage theme than all the other bedrooms with the brownish-red tile floors, a brown wooden ceiling, and even a classic stone fireplace. Unlike the rest of the home, however, the living room seems to take on a rather average style, with plain white walls and matching tan carpet.