Inside Selena Gomez's Encino Mansion

Selena Gomez is a multi-talented public figure. The Millennial singer, producer, and actress who is globally-known and Grand Prairie, Texas born also purchased a Los Angeles, California mansion for approximately $5 million in 2020, as reported by Elle magazine. As the women's publication reported, Gomez's Southern California home came with both structurally beautiful elements and a special connection to another musician (this one a rock star). As an example of in-home selections for her property, one of the kitchen spaces includes a white and grey brick accent wall. This accent wall surrounds both the oven and stove, breaking up potential visual monotony. This section also runs parallel to a white and grey granite island in the kitchen -– a combination of appliances and accents that can help make quick and easy cooking a simpler process. Sometimes it just easier to make magic in a kitchen when the kitchen is attractive. 

Before Gomez purchased this southern California home though, the late, great Tom Petty owned the property. Petty was a widely revered singer and songwriter from Florida. The rocker was also lead vocalist in the band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. As Elle reported, Petty and his wife, Jane Benyo, had the Los Angeles mansion constructed as a custom home back in 1989. In the contemporary moment, the home may be described as both modern and airy, according to E! News The entertainment publication also reported that the property may contain hidden passageways and obscured rooms.

Selena Gomez's inspiring Southern California property

In addition to this history though, this particular property's documented sprawl is itself quite impressive, per Elle. As a stately home, this property spans 11,000 square feet, making it about 4.5 times larger than the average American family home (and inspiring to those whose ideal living space is more palatial than everyday). Inside of that 11,000 square feet, Gomez's California home also includes six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. As media reports highlight, additional features of the home present the creative and recuperative range that an artist could find inspiring and soothing. The property includes an in-home recording studio, a workout space, a massage room, a wine cellar, and an outside pool.

Throughout the property, color palettes include rich blues, crisp whites, a muted maroon — which is more understated than dusky — and grey selections. Interesting stylistic choices for the home include having the muted maroon wall inside of a music-making space. Several other rooms inside of the home reflect crisp white walls with neutral hardware, as well as distinctive art pieces including a golden work of art. Regionally, the home is part of the Encino neighborhood. The name itself (Encino) means oak in Spanish.