George Harrison's Childhood Home Is Now A Museum And Airbnb

Fans and music historians alike now have the opportunity to be a part of Beatles history firsthand by staying in George Harrison's childhood home. The house, located in Liverpool, England, went up for auction in November when it was purchased by The Beatles superfan Ken Lambert, according to New York Post. Lambert, who was the highest bidder on the house with an offer of £171,000 (or $250,000), is now turning the iconic home into an Airbnb rental and house museum for The Beatles fans from around the world to experience and enjoy.

Prior to the group becoming The Beatles, the house was used as the band's main practice location in the late 1950s when they were still known as The Quarrymen. Harrison and his family moved into the home in 1949 when he was six years old and stayed there until 1962. Lambert is only the third person to have owned the home since Harrison.

In addition to the Airbnb experience, a tour group visits the house once a week where they drink tea and play music inside. Lambert's commitment to turning Harrison's former home into a "living museum," in his words, stems from what he views as a lack of appreciation for the band member. He pointed out that George is his favorite member of the fab four and that he wanted people to give more recognition to this member of the band, whereas John Lennon seems to usually be the popular one.

A quiet suburb and a future global phenomenon

The house, located at 25 Upton Green, is located in the suburb of Speke, which is approximately 8 miles southeast of Liverpool City Centre, according to Omega Auctions, who handled the sale of the home. The house is conveniently located near Liverpool Airport, allowing guests visiting from all over the world easy access to their Airbnb rental and living museum experience. Public transportation is easily accessible from the Speke neighborhood, so guests can explore the surrounding area when they are not playing the acoustic guitar or listening to The Beatles albums on the vinyl record player. The area has ample amenities like supermarkets and retail stores for guests and locals to access.

The three-bedroom townhouse is rather unassuming from the exterior, easily concealing the piece of music history from those who don't know it's there. With a spacious garden in the back, the townhouse fits right into the quiet, suburban neighborhood while offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those lucky enough to venture inside.

A step back in time

The home has undergone a complete renovation since Harrison's family lived there during the early days of the band while still maintaining plenty of original features and decor -– some that were there when Harrison lived there, including the kitchen hutch, bathtub, bathroom sink, stair posts, closet doors, and a dresser, per Omega Auctions. The main floor features a kitchen, dining room, lounge, and hallway, with the upper-level housing the townhouse's three spacious bedrooms, a bathroom, and a water closet.

The Airbnb listing invites guests to strum a guitar in the same room that Harrison sat in and rehearsed with his bandmates and to stay in his actual where he first heard the band on the radio, which features a double bed and a large closet. The other two bedrooms belonged to his sister and his parents, with the bedroom belonging to his sister featuring a single bed and a small closet and the larger bedroom belonging to his parents featuring a double bed.

Modern conveniences with original charm

In an effort to update the house with modern conveniences for guests while still maintaining its original integrity, Lambert added a shower to the bathroom, with the Airbnb listing claiming to have kept the bathtub and faucets from the time Harrison lived at the property. The bathroom also offers guests all the essentials like toiletries and towels. WiFi has also been added to the home, allowing guests and visitors to connect to the modern world while staying in a musical time capsule. Complimentary tea, coffee, and biscuits are also provided for guests upon check-in to the Airbnb.

For guests visiting by car, there is free parking available to those staying on the property in the back of the building. According to New York Post, Lambert has visited the home twice since purchasing it, and spent over two months getting the property ready for visitors. He currently has a property manager on-site to oversee the tours and rentals, which range from $275 to $400 a night depending on the dates.