A Look Inside The $1.25 Million NYC Apartment Olivia Ponton Just Bought

19-year-old Olivia Ponton began her professional career as a young model. At 16 years old she signed her contract with Wilhelmina models, and quickly embraced her new life. Not long after initiating her modeling career, however, another career door opened for her: In The Know states that Ponton always had a love for travel, which is what eventually lead to her emerging social media career, where she posts about her travels and dances to new trends on TikTok.

Penton's biography on the Wilhelmina models website states that within months of starting modeling, her social media accounts grew significantly with both followers and views — to the tune of over 10 million followers and over 600 million views. As her internet presence continue to explode, Ponton hopes she inspires individuals to love themselves, live a healthy lifestyle, and more. Recently, Ponton stepped into the luxury life by purchasing her very first home in New York City for $1.25 million. Let's take a look at this model's new beautiful New York City apartment.

Olivia Ponton's East Village apartment

For Olivia Ponton's first home, she chose a small yet beautiful 753-square-foot apartment in the East Village neighborhood in New York City. NYC: The Official Guide states that the East Village is known for its many famous residents that range from poets to artists to filmmakers. The area is also a very common stomping ground for visitors and tourists from all around the world due to the variety of popular New York City attractions and hotels scattered throughout the area. Because the home is in a deep urban environment, one can also expect to have plenty of restaurants, shopping malls, and nightlife nearby.

Furthering the experience of living in a big city, Zillow shares that Ponton's apartment includes a private terrace; it's rather small, but it still provides a private outdoor element to the home. It also allows residents to privately enjoy a beautiful night with city lights or embrace the stunning daytime New York City view without leaving the comfort of home.

A small home with just the right amount of space

As mentioned before, Olivia Ponton's new apartment is rather small. The residence has a total of one bedroom, two bathrooms, and one extra room set aside for an office space. Despite how small this may seem, the apartment is the perfect size for someone who lives alone or with an intimate partner. Each area within the home has plenty of space for regular movement to completely daily tasks and chores with ease. Average-sized furniture also fits perfectly inside the allotted space for each room, as seen on Zillow.

The apartment building itself also comes with plenty amenities to add to the comfort of living there, and gives residents easy and somewhat private access to some outside perks their unit and the urban area around them may not provide. This includes a fitness center, as well as a rooftop garden, complete with a yard, sitting area, and pool. This rooftop area is only available to residents within the building for their enjoyment while enjoying another stunning New York City view.

A stunning amount of natural lighting

One of the most compelling elements of Olivia Ponton's New York City apartment is the luxurious amount of light that streams in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The living room and bedroom specifically are both lit with an extraordinarily amount of light, bringing out the unique elements of the home. Along with that, the residence is also designed with many bright colors. Light hardwood flooring spreads throughout most of the home and is paired with creamy white painted walls. This color scheme continue throughout the space until you reach the single bedroom, where a unique touch of dark blue is added onto one of the walls to add contrast to the light colors, per Zillow.

The light theme continues throughout the rest of the unit as well. The kitchen is lined with multiple glossy white cabinets that match a glossy white countertop and a similar freestanding kitchen island. The bathroom is similarly decorated with glossy light blue tiles on the wall, but deeply contrasted by the dark grey tiled floor.