Ben And Cristi Dozier Reveal Their Number One Tip For An Affordable Kitchen Reno

A new home renovation couple is in town! HGTV's new show "Building Roots" stars married couple Ben and Cristi Dozier, and their new project aired on April 10, 2022. The new series features them renovating, building, and designing bigger home renovation projects. The Colorado-based couple has been in the home renovation business for over a decade, and they are taking their work to new territory. 

They are kicking off season one by helping married couple Ben Waddell and Beatriz Garcia renovate their kitchen while also staying within their $100,000 budget, according to The couple wants to incorporate his Colorado vibe and flair with her Mexican heritage, and if there's anyone up for the job, it's the Doziers. If you're looking to renovate and transform your kitchen any time soon, the "Building Roots" stars have plenty of budget-friendly ideas that can guide you on your journey through home renovation for any space, but one in particular that will make a huge financial difference.

The kitchen renovation

The husband and wife dynamic duo start with installing three rows of Mexican and Saltillo tile above the counter to give the kitchen the cultural feel Beatriz is craving. From countertops to cabinets to accents and kitchen decor, the home renovation couple has the best eye and makes it very clear how seriously they take the job. To match the Colorado style Ben is looking for, the Doziers install a copper sink and lights to match the copper teapot he uses every morning, according to

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, the home renovation couple highly recommended keeping your cabinets in as a huge way to save money. Even if your kitchen is outdated, which was the situation for Ben and Beatriz, if your cabinets are still in quality shape, you're good to go. Because they are working within a $100k budget, Ben suggests repainting the cabinets a darker, more bold tone as well as adding new hardware to spruce it up. This is a great move considering how costly investing in new cabinets can be, ranging up to thousands of dollars. Following this vital advice not only gives you cabinets that look brand new for a cheaper price but also provides you with the range and flexibility to spend money on more important alterations in your kitchen or other areas of your home.