20 Stylish Ideas For Decorating Your Kid's Bedroom In Princess Theme

Being a princess may look a little different these days thanks to the modern ladies who are leading groundbreaking royal lives, as Insider notes. At the same time, there are certainly still princesses who enjoy luxury-filled lifestyles and wear tiaras as well as live in stunning castles and beautiful palaces around the world. Beyond that, Disney Princesses are still beloved figures to countless movie fans of all ages, with Cinderella being a particular favorite in the United States, according to Play Like Mum.

As for taking interior design inspiration from royals, you could certainly aim to decorate your home like Windsor Castle or find inspiration while visiting the castle from "Downton Abbey." Or, if you happen to be putting together a room for the little one in your life, you might want to create a princess-themed room that captures the fairytale-like ambiance of a regal space. If that's the case, then be sure to check out these stylish ideas for decorating your kid's bedroom with a princess theme.

1. Regal art

Art is an easy and adorable way to enhance the regal theme in your child's bedroom. Simply opt for pictures of crowns or castles and possibly ones with royal messages like, "Little Princess."

2. Glittering chandelier

Add another palace-like aspect to your child's bedroom by putting up a chandelier. Of course, it doesn't have to be overly ornate or too expensive. Even a modest chandelier will surely impress your little one and make them feel like a princess.

3. Fancy lamps

You can still opt for lighting that would suit the bedroom of a princess, even if a chandelier is a bit too much. Instead, choose a few fancy lamps that are either full-length or sit on top of a dresser.

4. Regal bed

When it comes to both the functional needs of a bedroom as well as a visual focal point, the bed is an important aspect. That's why a princess-themed bedroom requires a regal bed that will give your little one a good night's rest and sweet fairytale-like dreams.

5. Bed canopy

Make a regal bed even dreamier by putting up a canopy overhead. The lightweight fabric can help to achieve a look that suits a princess while also creating a cozy space for your child to sleep.

6. Fancy pillows

Placing plenty of pillows on a bed always makes it look as comfortable as it likely is. When sticking with a princess theme, be sure that those pillows are suitably fancy, whether that's due to the design, material, or embellishments.

7. Fancy blankets

Along with fancy pillows, a bed that's fit for a princess also needs fancy blankets. Just as luxurious as the other items and linen on the bed, be sure to opt for blankets that are both beautiful and comfortable.

8. Throne-like chair

The bed is certainly not the only item of furniture in a bedroom. Your little one might also appreciate having a chair in the space. Of course, not just any chair will do. Try to find one that's elegant or ornate in some way so that it can be used as your child's very own pretend throne.

9. Gold accents

Elegant accents can definitely make a room look more regal. Try adding gold-edged nightstands and a gilded mirror. You could also add gold-toned fabric on the headboard of the bed and sheets embroidered with gold-colored thread for your little one.

10. Fairytale-like flowers and royal roses

Add another fairytale-like hint to your child's bedroom by placing flowers around the space and using them as décor. Roses (either real or, more conveniently, fake) are always a classic choice and will certainly make the room look like it's where a princess spends her time.

11. Castle-like brick walls

If you have exposed brick walls, then it can be easy to make them look like the walls of a castle. Either paint them grey like a castle in a children's storybook or opt for something like a pink shade for a sweeter castle vibe. If you don't have exposed brick, put up faux brick wall panels.

12. Wall trim

If brick walls aren't exactly your style and aren't something your little one is interested in, then you can still snazzy up their walls in order to add to the princess theme. Simply use trim that's gorgeously ornate, thanks to careful curves, stunning swirls, and lovely lines.

13. Whimsical window curtains

The perfect princess-themed bedroom wouldn't be complete without key details such as the ideal window coverings. In this case, you'll certainly want curtains that both flow and glow, which will make them absolutely whimsical.

14. Regal rug

Add to the regal look of the room by choosing a warm, cozy, and fancy rug that would suit a royal residence. Cut costs and ease worries about your little one wrecking the piece by opting for a second-hand or worn-in rug that would be right at home in an old castle.

15. Castle-shaped shelves

Having shelves in your little one's bedroom is a great way to add extra storage space that also displays their treasured items. For a princess-themed room, you can set up castle-shaped shelves by using normal square shelves that are topped with shelves that are peaked like a palace.

16. Ornate armoire

Adding an armoire to your child's bedroom can be another great way to incorporate extra storage space. At the same time, if you choose an armoire that boasts an ornate design or decoration, then it will be another royal-like touch for the room.

17. Regal vanity

When a princess prepares for a royal event, she needs a place to get ready. Your child can do just that — perhaps for a pretend ball like the one that Cinderella attended — if their room includes a regal-looking vanity.

18. Fairy lights

They may be known as fairy lights, however, these glowing strands would certainly make your little one's princess-themed bedroom glow like a dreamy fairytale. String them along the wall or simply drape them in different areas of the room.

19. Pretty paint color

There are certainly no rules that say that the paint used on the walls of a princess-themed bedroom has to be a certain color. However, shades of purple or pink paint are definitely classic choices that will look absolutely lovely. They can also be as soft or as bright as your little one wants.

20. Elegant wallpaper

Using certain colors of paint isn't the only way to decorate the walls of a princess-like bedroom. You could also put up stunning wallpaper that would suit a royal residence. Perhaps a fabulous floral design or pretty paisley.