15 Items You Can Use To Organize Your Bedroom Closet

An organized closet isn't just for aesthetic purposes. It can save you time during your daily routine and money during your impulse shopping moments. Being able to clearly see everything you own can make you more aware of what you actually need to buy versus what you have plenty of. In other words, it can help you to be more intentional about your shopping habits, keeping the closet clutter-free in the long run.

However, as CountryLiving points out, it can be difficult to keep a closet tidy regardless of its size. It's also a space in your home that doesn't get seen by many people other than yourself, so it's easier to let it slide. If you're struggling with finding what you need every morning or feeling as if your favorite pieces aren't being loved the way they should be, it's time to do a closet overhaul. Fortunately, there are plenty of organizing products on the market to help you save space and keep your clothing as neat as possible. Ahead, you'll find 15 items that will do the trick regardless of what kind of closet you currently have.

Matching slimline hangers

Without a doubt, the most effective way to organize your bedroom closet is to use thin, matching hangers. The slim shape maximizes space; keeping them uniform gives the closet an overall polished look. The most popular slimline hanger type is velvet material and comes in a wide variety of colors. While it's ideal for sticking with consistent color, if you already have some in different shades, try to keep each color sorted together within separate sections. Not a fan of velvet? You can find thin hangers in various other finishes such as acrylic, rubber, and even metal.

Skirt hangers

Not only reserved for skirts, but you can also use hangers with clips for dress pants, shorts, and even off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. The clips make it simple to reach for and put back the item and are available in wood, plastic, metal, and velvet materials. Of course, if you're aiming to make the most of your space, look for slim ones, which would most likely be metal or velvet. Or, find alternatives that have space to store up to four or five items on one single hanger, making even more room for the things you love.

Open-ended pant hangers

Opt for open-ended hangers for an even easier way to store pants, specifically jeans and ones with more casual materials. These are relatively new on the market and make it simple to store and reach for your favorite pair of denim. You'll generally find them in chrome with a rubber base to keep the items hanging in place, but at the same time slide out without having to fuss with anything such as clips because of the open end.

S hooks

Taking it one step further, a straightforward way to organize pants with belt loops is to simply use S hooks. A pack of these is inexpensive and easy to find. Choose the traditional metal version to make sure they're sturdy, and also pick a place in your closet to hang them so that your pant legs won't drag on the ground. Once you've secured the S hooks and the best spot in your closet, fasten them onto the back loop so that all of the pants are hanging in the same direction.

Slide-out drawers

Drawers in any sized closet can be a game-changer, especially if you're short on dresser space. They're ideal for storing the things you'd rather not or don't need to hang, such as leggings, bathing suits, and pajamas. If you're renting or not looking to install a custom closet, there are stacked standalone units that are just as helpful when it comes to keeping folded items organized. If you'd like a higher quality that will last, look for a metal version. These are sometimes customizable and can be placed anywhere along the floor of your closet.

Shelf dividers

Whether you have a single shelf or are blessed with multiple ones in your closet, a few dividers will most likely come in handy. Use them to separate and keep in place piles of folded sweaters or even rows of handbags. You can find them in acrylic, metal, and even fabric materials to match whatever aesthetic you prefer. They also come in various heights, which is helpful if you're working with rows of shelves and options for dividers that specifically clip onto wire shelving.

Open-front bins

If you choose to contain your sweaters, clutches, and anything else you're not hanging into bins on a high shelf, consider ones with an open front. A small dip in the front of the container allows you to get a peek of what's inside while still hiding most of the visual clutter. You can find open-front bins in plastic, metal, acrylic, wood, and natural materials such as water hyacinth and seagrass. Whichever type you choose, keep them consistent to make your closet look and feel as organized as possible.

Clear bins

Perhaps you would like to store some items in your closet but still want to know exactly what's in them. Look for clear plastic or acrylic bins that allow you to have the best of both worlds. Regardless of the shelf measurements, you'll be able to find clear containers that can fit from rectangular to cube-shaped options in a range of depths, widths, and heights. Select ones with handles so that you can reach for them comfortably, especially if you place them on a tall shelf.

Metal baskets

Yet another win-win solution for baskets in a closet is containers made of metal. The beauty of these is that you can choose a finish that fits your aesthetic. They can be found in silver, gold, bronze, and rose gold and can give your closet a more upscale atmosphere. Use them to contain accessories such as hats and belts, keeping them all in one spot. Include a label clip that clearly states what's inside each basket because, even though you can see into them, it's a more foolproof system in a space where lighting is usually lacking.

Sweater boxes

High-quality items, such as cashmere sweaters, deserve a little extra TLC in a closet. Use see-through, drop-front fabric boxes to keep them organized and dust-free. Not only do these types of boxes contain your favorite pieces, but they can also stack, allowing you to maximize the height on a shelf as much as possible. In addition, they come in an assortment of sizes, so you can also use boxes such as these to store shoes and handbags.

Shoe slots

Keeping shoes organized in a closet is an ongoing battle, but a new trend makes it a bit easier to store more shoes in half the amount of space. Shoe slots work by storing shoes one on top of the other while keeping them — the bottom shoe in particular — protected by a riser. This solution allows you to make the most of the shelf space while letting you see exactly where each pair of shoes is located.

Stacking shoeboxes

Another genius way to organize shoes? Stackable boxes that open from the front. This allows you to, once again, maximize space in your closet and doesn't let you disrupt the rest of the pile when reaching in for a particular pair of shoes. Be sure to search for ones that have ventilation to allow your shoes to breathe. Some open from one side to the other, but some open from top to bottom, so that choice is completely your preference. If you have the space at the bottom or top of your closet for them, that's ideal.

Accessory stands

Today, you can discover organizers for any type of accessory. Stands are available for hats, bags, sunglasses, belts, and jewelry, including watches. There's no excuse to hide your favorite pieces away when you can put them on display. Instead, look for acrylic stands or a finished metal that matches your hangers or baskets. Not only does this solution keep items organized, but it also gives your closet a luxe look and rich feel.


An effortless closet organization method is to install hooks wherever you need them, for whatever you need. For example, use a rack or individual hooks to organize scarves, belts, ties, and hats onto empty wall space. You can even use the back of the closet door to arrange rows of hooks if you're lacking room elsewhere. What's wonderful about hooks is that they are one of the most inexpensive ways to organize a closet and are usually painless to install. If you are currently renting, consider the adhesive stick kind but avoid weighing them down with heavy items.

A valet rod

Usually, the last thing most people would consider a closet organization item is a valet rod. Use it to pre-plan your outfit for the next day and prevent the mess of going through everything while you're getting ready. Seeing the outfit hung may keep you from changing your mind a dozen times at the last minute. If you only wore an item a few times, rather than tossing it on the floor or wherever it lands, hang it on the rod until you're ready to wash it or wear it again.