Why You Should Stop Using Electric Blankets Immediately

The usage of electric blankets has become very popular since they first became available to the general public. They keep you warm and toasty during the season of winter from the cold, chilly air, not to mention how soft and cozy they are on top of being easy to use. What's not to love? Apparently, potential health and safety risks. 

There is more to electric blankets than initially appears, and they can cause more harm than good for anyone using one. They can especially be dangerous for the elderly, those with diabetes, infants, and even pregnant women, according to Medicine Net. Electric blankets are dangerous and not to be used carelessly or even at all. Most are not aware of how harmful they can be, and people think that just because they are blankets, that makes them safe, but that is far from the truth. In fact, electric blankets are just as dangerous as any electric appliance in your home and are known to cause fires, skin burns, miscarriages in women, and cancer, according to Terry Cralle.

Better safe than sorry

Some of the benefits of using an electric blanket include them being portable, low cost, eco-friendly, temperature-controlled, and constant warmth, which is why most people don't have any concern about using them however, overall, they are not good for anyone's well being, and they pose a potential threat. Electric blankets have wires internally that operate to heat them up. The blanket has to be plugged in to work, and once it's turned on, the fabric starts to warm up evenly throughout the blanket. 

It takes roughly around 200 to 400 watts of power, according to Medicine Net. This might sound normal and not that harmful, but that much power can cause major damage to your body. Electric blankets are a potential risk for skin burns and even starting a fire, especially when outdated, not maintained, or used correctly. They can cause damage to skin and internal organs when heating up to peak temperatures. If your electric blanket is damaged in any way, such as tears, broken wires, or discoloration, you shouldn't use the blanket anymore. You can take the proper precautions for your safety, but ultimately electric blankets are not safe, and every time you use them, there's a potential risk so it's important to use them safely, carefully, or not at all, which is most recommended.