Hosts Of 100 Day Dream Home's Maintenance Hack To Save The Most Money

HGTV home renovation power couple Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt know a thing or two about getting the job done and saving money along the way. Hosts of the popular show "100 Day Dream Home" — which is into its third season on HGTV — work together on a time crunch to build a dream home for couples and families. The married Floridian couple combines their respected skills as a realtor and contractor to make these dreams come true.

However, once the dust clears and the house is finished, that isn't the end of the work for those who are moving into the home. Aside from the costs of actually purchasing a home, upkeep and maintenance of a property can set you back a fair amount. According to The Washington Post, homeowners would be wise to annually set aside up to four percent of what their home is actually worth in order to cover the costs associated with maintaining and repairing their property. With this in mind, any advice from experts in the field would surely be welcome when it comes to cutting costs.

HGTVs Mika and Brian give their advice on saving money around the home

When it comes to home repairs and upkeep, the chores may seem daunting and expensive. From lawn care and deck repair to updating appliances and plumbing, the bills may seem like they're piling up. However, there are many ways that a homeowner, new or experienced, can save money around the home. According to Forbes, simple things like performing the repair work yourself, properly budgeting for the jobs that you are doing, and reusing materials can keep costs low and help you stay on top of the maintenance done in your home.

In an interview with, Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt gave their two cents about how homeowners can save when it comes to home expenses. Before buying a home, they suggest that during the inspection with a licensed home inspector, you should check out the air conditioning unit, quality of the roof, and the state of the plumbing as these can become major expenses if they are out of date or in need of repair. But the best advice the couple has is to regularly change the filters on your air conditioning or furnace unit and have them maintained by a professional up to four times a year if possible. This will ensure that these important parts of your home are kept in tip-top shape and running smoothly, so you can avoid any unnecessary wear and tear that could cost you major bucks.