Check Out Historic NJ Home With Heated Pool And Pizza Oven For Under $500K

Every so often, we come across a house that has uncommon features. With mansions, luxurious features are common and usually expected. However, when this happens to a normal house, we can be taken by surprise. Additionally, these surprises and unique features can be nearly anything — from something simple like an extra room or a standard room turned into something extravagant. Other times it can be something simple like a pizza oven or a heated pool. Well, this home located in New Jersey has both.

This two-story home was first built in 1983 and sits on 31,365 square feet of land, according to However, the home itself is 1,818 square feet in size. Aside from the pizza oven and heated pool, there are several interior and exterior features included in this home. On the outside is a paved driveway that leads to the front of the home as well as to the side where a two-car garage port is located. Three bedrooms reside on the inside, all located on the upper level. This home also includes two full-size bathrooms and one-half bath as well.

The heated pool and pizza oven

One of the most appealing aspects of this home, located on the backside of the house, is the pool, via Zillow. While being large and built in the ground, this pool also has the ability to be heated. Basically, you can enjoy this pool in both the summertime and the winter. It's significant in size, making it spacious enough for numerous family members and guests to enjoy this luxury at their leisure. Located right outside of the pool are several water spouts that shoot water into the pool. This is great for a natural aesthetic or for kids to play around in.

Additionally, there is a gazebo located at the far end of the pool, providing shade from the sun. Both the gazebo and paved area by the pool has chairs for relaxation. Inside the gazebo, aside from the blue wicker basket typed chairs and couch, is a medium-sized matching wicker basket glass table. Hanging on the wall above two of the chairs is a large flat-screen TV. Off to the side of all of this, where the pizza oven is located, there is also a grill, outdoor sink, and a dishwasher. This gives the owner an option to cook either inside or outside as both have all the appliances one will need.

A large and spacious kitchen resides indoors

If you're one of those people who doesn't care to cook much outdoors, the kitchen provides just as much room and features as the gazebo outside. Per, the floors are a light and bright wooden flooring that brings a natural look into the kitchen. The walls along with the cabinets are bright white and hold a lot of storage space for dishes, groceries, or whatever else one might desire in the kitchen. Opposed to these cabinets, the center island is a dark brown wooden color, but also features just as much space as the main cabinets. All the countertops are a light gray and black color furthering the natural aspect this room conveys.

The appliances featured in this large room are equally as impressive as the design. The double stacked stove along with the wall mounted microwave, large refrigerator, and dishwasher are all stainless steel. The kitchen sink, as you might have guessed, is large in size as well allowing for a lot of room to hold dishes. Three lights hang down in the middle of the room directly above the center island. Also located on one end of this room is a built-in desk.

A cute and cozy living room

Located on the opposite side of this area is the cute and cozy living room. Much like the rest of the house, the kitchen has light gray walls, via Zillow. Just like the kitchen as well, the floors in this room are the same light wooden color. On top of these floors resides a large gray and black rug that helps bring out the color scheme of the room. A large sliding glass door resides on one end of the room that leads to the outdoors and has a long gray curtain as well. Keeping up with the gray theme, Two love seats, a large chair, and a matching ottoman make up the furniture in this room, and yes, they are all gray.

On the far wall resides a large fireplace with white marble stone all around it. Hanging above the matching white mantle is a large painting of a beach. On both sides of these fireplaces are lower cabinets and open shelves. Located on these shelves are numerous books as well as other cute decorations such as a picture frame and small green plants. On each side of the wall is some sort of inspirational quote as well as some memorable family pictures. This room also contains spot lots in front of the fireplace as well as a large ceiling fan located directly in the middle.