Look Inside The Stunning Palm Beach Home Steve Wynn Sold For $24 Million

Well-known real estate developer, Steve Wynn, is best known for his ownership restoration work he did on several casinos in Las Vegas. He was born on January 27, 1942 in New Haven, Connecticut, and was educated at the Manlius School in New York and later earned a degree at the University of Pennsylvania, according Biography. In 1963, Wynn started his career in the family business after the passing of his father. He was forced to take on the business and pull his family out of debt after discovering his father owed $350,000 due to gambling (per gamblingsites.org). It wasn't until 1967 that Wynn was finally able to pursue business aspirations of his own.

Steve Wynn's own aspirations took place in Las Vegas, where he began by purchasing the Frontier Hotel and Casino. From there he took interest in several other casinos, like the Golden Nugget and several other high-end casinos and resorts. BoVegas Blog states that by 2004, Wynn was a billionaire. In 2019 however, Wynn's reputation and fortune took a major hit when investigations were not initiated after Wynn faced claims of sexual misconduct at Wynn Resorts (per U.S. News). Now, as Wynn reaches his retirement, he still manages to make major profitable real estate investments. New York Post states that after purchasing a beautiful Palm Beach home for $8 million just a year ago, the property has already sold again for $24 million. Let's take a look at this stunningly remodeled home.

The perfect florida home

Realtor states that the 6,687 square foot home is located in Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beach is a beautiful city located right along the beach on the eastern side of Florida. Although Wynn's house is not a beach-front home, it is located right beside Lake Worth Lagoon (per Google Maps). Allowing full access to this body of water, the property includes a private dock that extends from the back of the home, perfect for docking boats and other private water vehicles.

Other than the boat dock, the property also features several other outdoor features to allow residents to fully engulf themselves in the beautiful Florida weather. The large pool acts as one of these outdoor features, which is surrounded by a beautiful green lawn with plenty of space for poolside seating and lounging. Under a canopy that extends from the house is also even more room for seating arrangements. This beautiful outdoor space can be the perfect place to relax on a nice day or entertain a variety of guests.

Plenty of living space

Similar to the extensive outside portions of the home, the inside is just as luxurious. Realtor mentions that the house has a total of five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. For a 6,687 square foot home, each of these five bedrooms has an extensive amount of living space. The master bedroom, in particular, is shown with room plenty of space for both bedroom furniture as well as a small sitting area. The master bathroom similarly has plenty of space between the long vanity, soaking bathtub, and walk-in shower.

The home also boasts several different living areas, each with a variety of seating places that make for the perfect space for entertaining guests or simply spending time with family. No different from the rest of the house, the kitchen is also very large, with more than enough storage space for a variety of cooking utensils. Within the kitchen, there are also several seating arrangements at the kitchen island positioned in the center of the room, as well as a small, informal breakfast corner. A more formal dining arrangement is located in a separate area not far from the kitchen.

Light, crisp style

Upon entering the property, one is immediately met with the light, crisp style of the home. The exterior of the house is completely white, from the window shutters to the garage doors. The interior of the home is no different. Most of the home is finished with a light hardwood floor and matching white- or cream-colored walls. This style is continued into all of the bedrooms and living spaces. Accompanying the light style are also massive windows that bring the bright Florida sun into the home, per Realtor.

The kitchen, similarly, boasted slick white cabinets with matching countertops. The bathrooms, however, share a variety of different styles. For example, the master bathroom, as well as another bathroom, shared a beautiful black and white marble shower and countertop that slightly contrasted the light features throughout the rest of the home. Another bathroom shows even more contrast with black, grey, and white patterned tiles that cover one entire wall of the bathroom. The last bathroom contrasts the home entirely by featuring full black-tiled walls with a dark marble floor and countertop to match.